199 Days to go…

199 Days to go…

The countdown clock has hit 199 days until retirement and we hit the road to full timing in the RV. The RV pick up is a little over a Month away. From a readiness standpoint, I think we are getting close to finalizing all the things we need for the pick up trip. The route has been chosen, reservations made for hotel and RV campgrounds. I still need to purchase a few things like the tow bar. I need to help Cathy make up the list of stuff to bring in the Jeep for the first week of living in the RV.  There are some things that I still need to purchase to bring with me for the RV Pick Up and drive back to DC:

  • Tow Bar for the Jeep to mount to new bumper (more on this in an upcomming post)
  • Satellite TV Receiver (most likely DISH network) and pick a programming package to get started for testing purposes.
  • Appropriate water connection fittings and stuff, we have a retractable hose, but need a pressure gauge and fittings
  • Sewer Hose connection and fittings
  • RV Compressor (the on-board system is rated to just above the pressure used in tires, a separate higher pressure unit makes things easier)
  • Induction Stove pans that stack (we have some that would work but will take up more room – will need to get Cathy’s seal of approval first)

This will at least get us home and allow us to test out the RV on the trip back.  I am off to recheck my list and see if we missed anything.  Again, we are thinking about this like we would do on a typical vacation in a condo at Myrtle Beach where we normally would bring some kitchen stuff and food to make things in the kitchen.  We just need to add more kitchen, bedroom and bathroom stuff since the condo normally has linens and kitchen stuff already.  We can fill up the Jeep with stuff to bring and start loading up the RV in stages.


RV Pick Up Is In:

Retirement Is in:

2 thoughts on “199 Days to go…

  1. Hi Jon and Cathy,
    Our rig came with a set of induction cookware that includes a Dutch oven, a skillet (10″?) a large saucepan and another smaller saucepan. It is working just fine for us right now and I am pretty picky about cookware. So anyway, you might want to hold off on bringing that.
    We’re hanging out at the FAMCAMP at NSA Millington, just north of Memphis working through oddball concerns with our rig. We do have a couple of windows that are fogging – supposedly Sherman has one on order and will hopefully be replaced next week. We also have realized that the L-shaped sofa is mismatched; the curved part being about 2″ lower on the back. Have NO idea how we missed that during build out, except part of the sofa wasn’t installed until final inspection. Also, some other oddball things that need to be addressed before we head west in a few weeks.
    Tiffin’s Owner Handbook recommends when you pick up your rig, make an appt. 2 weeks later with a dealer for adjustments. So keep that in mind.

    1. Thanks for the info, I have heard the cookware was not that great but maybe they have gotten better over time. I have plans to use the RV in the summer while working and head by the factory either on our way south to Florida or on way out west depending on the number and type of warranty issues that needs resolution. Retirement cannot come too soon. We have a local Tiffin dealer in the area if I need something quick, but the dealer was way high on price so I ended up at Sherman.

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