2018 plans

2018 plans

So we have finalized our travel plans for 2018.  We will start the year in Florida along the beach in Pensacola, FL and moving west along the coast and into the heart of Texas.  Here is a quick summary of our plans if you want to try and find us and go RVing with us along the way.

Mon, January 1 to Thu, to January 11 – Gulfport, MS
Thu, January 11 to Thu, January 18 – Port Arthur, TX (Beach)
Thu, January 18 to Thu, February 22 – New Braunfels, TX
Thu, February 22 to Tue, February 27 – Del Rio, TX
Tue, February 27 to Sun, March 4 – Terlingua, TX
Sun, March 4 to Tue, March 6 – White Sands,NM
Tue, March 6 to Fri, March 9 – Benson, AZ
Fri, March 9 to Fri, March 16 – Tucson, AZ
Fri, March 16 to Fri, March 23 – Apache Junction, AZ
Fri, March 23 to Thu, April 5 – Joshua Tree, CA (Check on Mom)
Thu, April 5 to Thu, April 12 – Cottonwood, AZ
Thu, April 12 to Thu, April 19 – Flagstaff, AZ
Thu, April 19 to Sun, April 29 – Grand Canyon Village, AZ
Sun, April 29 to Thu, May 3 – Zion National Park
Thu, May 3 to Sun, May 6 – Bryce Canyon NP
Sun, May 6 to Tue, May 8 – Page, AZ
Tue, May 8 to Fri, May 11 – Monument Valley, AZ
Fri, May 11 to Fri, May 25 – Moab, UT
Sat, May 26 to Mon, June 4 – Moran, WY  (Grand Teton NP)
Mon, June 4 to Thu, June 14 – Yellowstone NP, WY
Thu, June 14 to Thu, June 21 – Garryowen, MT
Thu, June 21 to Thu, June 28 – Great Falls, MT
Thu, June 28 to Thu, July 12 – Columbia Falls, MT (Glacier NP)
Thu, July 12 to Thu, July 19 – Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada
Fri, July 20 to Thu, July 26 – Great Falls, MT
Thu, July 26 to Tue, July 31 – Sheridan, WY
Tue, July 31 to Mon, August 6 – Rapid City, SD
Mon, August 6 to Fri, August 10 – Wall, SD
Fri, August 10 to Wed, August 15 – Cheyenne, WY
Wed, August 15 to Mon, August 20 – Laramie, WY
Mon, August 20 to Thu, August 23 – Boulder, CO
Thu, August 23 to Sun, August 26 – Durango, CO
Sun, August 26 to Sat, September 1 – Silverton, CO
Sun, September 2 to Mon, October 1 – Joshua Tree, CA ( Cruise for Mom’s 90th Birthday)
Mon, October 1 to Mon, October 8 – Yuma, AZ
Mon, October 8 to Mon, October 15 – Tucson, AZ
Mon, October 15 to Thu, October 25 – Benson AZ
Thu, October 25 to Mon, October 29 – Van Horn, TX
Mon, October 29 to Mon, November 12 – Fredricksburg, TX
Mon, November 12 to Sat, December 1 – Spring Branch, TX
Sat, December 1 to Mon, December 31 – Corpus Christi, TX (Beach)
Mon, December 31 to Thu, January 31 – Galveston, TX (Beach)

So here is a picture of the travel we will be doing in 2018 if everything goes according to plan….

So if you want to tag along at some point let us know and we will put you on the Calendar.  It is going to be busy, but most of the stops are for a week or more so wer are actually going to go at a slower pace than we did in 2017 where we most likely averaged a stay of 4-5 days for a lot of the stops with some longer ones sandwiched in.  We actually have a few month long stops in this 2018 agenda.  I think throughout the year the average stay is 9 days at each stop, with 7 days being the most frequent length of stay.

For 2019, the plan is to move east since we will want to see the kids, Jonathan with be graduating from his Master’s Degree program and we will spend the summer in the Northeast seeing Cathy’s family and friends along the way.  Stay tuned as I get started on planning that trip.

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  1. Hey,

    It looks like we may have some schedule overlap with you guys in Zion and Bryce. Of course, it’s all subject to change, but as of now, we are scheduled to be at those parks at the same time. We should check in as it gets closer and try to meet up for a beer or dinner or whatever.

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