2019 Plans

2019 Plans

Now that we are getting into the summer months of 2018, it is time to start locking down our plans for 2019.  We have planned to stay on the east coast and visit Cathy’s family who is clustered up in New England for the most part.  We also have friends in Pittsburgh, and some Navy friends in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.  This winter we will be spending a month in Corpus Christie, Tx (Dec 2018), Galveston, Tx (Jan 2019), Destin, Fl (Feb) and St. Augustine, Fl (Mar) and those reservations have been locked in.  Here is what we are thinking for the rest of 2019 travels….

First two weeks in April…Myrtle Beach, NC – Have reservations at Ocean Lakes Family Campground

Last two weeks of April…Mount Airy, NC

May in Harrisonburg, VA visiting Erin & Alex and attending Jonathan’s Graduation in Charlottesville.

Early June in upstate New York visiting family in Albany

Then a quick stop in Mass to seer Mark and Amy

Mid June to Mid July in NH visiting family-We have reservations at Beaver Dam Campground, Berwick, ME

Last part of July early August in Bar Harbor, ME area

early August to early Sept in Nova Scotia area (1 month in 4 different areas)

Head west into the Pittsburgh area in Mid September to see friends Tom & Diane

Later part of September into Canton OH to see Family

Last part of Sept to early Oct-Indianapolis, IN to check in with some old Navy Shipmates Bryan and Dennis.

First week in Oct, Lexington, KY

Rest of Oct to early Nov, back to Harrisonburg, VA to see Erin and Alex

Mid November, hit Lake Norman, NC see Family and Friends

Mid Nov thru Mid January….St. Augustine with Family and Friends

That’s what we are thinking, the draft spreadsheet is filled in and all I need to do is start making calls and trying to make reservations and find RV parks close to family.  Cathy is scouting out NH as we speak, checking on places to stay, and has found us a place to stay.  I’ll check on the Internet for reviews and with some of the RV’er Blog’s that I follow.  One is the wordy Laura from Chapter Three Travels who has some wonderful reviews of places in Nova Scotia and Maine that are very helpful.  Kat and Mike from Life Rebooted are heading that way this summer so I can see what they have to say about the areas also.

Well, that is the plan so far, if you know of any good RV parks around in the area, let us know.  Also, if your driveway is flat and about 50 feet long…..

Look, all words and no pictures…isn’t that a change from my normal blog of mostly pictures and a few words of wisdom….

Ok that is the plans until we change them, feel free to comment as necessary and don’t forget to list the dimensions of your driveway…..

And now to start thinking about 2020……

Jon & Cathy


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  1. “Wordy”… Ha!

    Another place to find good campground reviews for big motorhomes is lowestravels.com I use their blog all the time for travel ideas, but they also write very detailed campground reviews and tend to stay at nicer places. They’ve been on the road for over 5 years, so they likely have gone through a lot of the places you’ll be looking at. Just an idea…

    Also, if any of your friends with 50 foot level driveways are open to the idea of hosting giant RVs, please tell them that we are lovely people.

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