2nd Amendment Noise…

2nd Amendment Noise…

We decided to spend the weekend in Centerville at Bull Run Regional Park, Cathy was going to our daughter’s wedding shower nearby and I needed some time to work on the RV.  So on Friday I went and picked up the RV from storage, got it to the campsite and Cathy met me there.  It was a nice pull through spot, but the one thing I learned when I opened the door was:  The shooting range was nearby, mostly for skeet and trap shooting, and the noise was constant from 0900-2100.  So much for enjoying the surrounding, but I had work to do anyway.  I would not recommend this park to anyone who was not in need of exercising their 2nd amendment rights all day long…….

IMG_6763 IMG_6764 IMG_6766 IMG_6767

Saturday allowed me to install the tire monitoring system while Cathy was with Erin:

IMG_6768 IMG_6769

This will monitor the tires for pressure and temperature, and I will add a set for the tow vehicle to warn me if something is amiss (like tire going flat etc)

Next up was to install the HDMI switch to help sort through all the different inputs, like Dish Hopper, Joey, the other sat receiver on the in motion dish, DVD player, HDMI-Lighting connector for iPhone and Apple TV potentially.  Here is the unit I used , it worked great with the existing HDMI Splitter system (HDMI-Cat6-Cat6-HDMI) system Tiffin uses for all the TV’s;

HDMI Switch 61BJEcnPXIL._SL1500_

Then it was time for the roof survey so I can map out where everything is located:

IMG_6771 IMG_6791 IMG_6792 IMG_6795 IMG_6796

Now that I have the numbers I can graph it out so if I decide to get some solar panels down the line I know what space I have for them.  More on that topic later.

Here is a picture of Erin and Mom at the Wedding Shower


Erin was able to see the RV and spent the night with us, she even brought a hammock to try out


Weekend fly by, but I did meet some neat folks who were also trying out a new camp trailer and folks who just got a nice Tiffin Gas RV that parked right next to us.  Jim works in the technology field, was in the Navy for 10 years, is into photography, seems to have the same outlook as I do and is enjoying the new RV….it sure is a small world at times…..I suspect we may have to get together as we do some more local camping in preparation for our full timing life with the RV.



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  1. We were at this park several months back when some friends who full time stopped by. It’s a great park – full hook ups and all, but yeah… the gunfire is a bit much. And our poor dog would have a stroke if we subjected her to it. So… unfortunately, we get stuck paying $50 per night for electric only at Lake Fairfax. Oh well. 🙂

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