Photo Gallery Options

Photo Gallery Options

So I wanted to find a simple way to display images in a stack so you would not have to scroll down to the bottom of a page to see them all, so here is my first test of the different ways to use a Gallery Plugin:

This is the Image Viewer, where you have a stack of pictures and you can click through them:

Another way to display then in a Masonry Style Grid and when you click on one, you get the pop out effect and can then thumb through them:

And since Erin likes some fancy type displays, here is another option, called Carousel I can use:

And this is called Justified which used the available display space to create a grid of pictures:

So in the future you will see these used in future posts when we have different pictures we want to share.  Leave me a comment and tell me which one(s) you like best.  Test them on a computer and phone and let me know which works best.

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