A tattoo at your age ?

A tattoo at your age ?

So last September on our family cruise, I made a wise crack to my daughter about maybe I be more like her and get a tattoo… Erin has quite a few and her response was more along the lines of “ that would be great “ vice the “ewww, Dad you are too old for a tattoo” that I thought would be her response. We decided that we would both get one and settled on a nautical theme, me to celebrate my Navy career and her to get one to fit the style she already has. We agreed to get mine the next time we came to Harrisonburg VA to visit her.

Well that time arrived and I settled on getting a the Gold Deep Submergence insignia I was able to earn while on NR-1. I suspect only a handful of enlisted sailors earned the Gold insignia while on NR-1 by qualifying Officer of the Deck and I was very proud of this accomplishment. I think at the time, the only way an enlisted sailor could qualify Officer of the Deck was on NR-1 and it was very unique. Erin knew just the place, Alley Cat Tattoo where she has her work done. So here ya go at 61, my first tattoo…

Now we still had a kitchen to finish up…so appliances went in and I got the vent hood installed….

So while we waited for countertops, I drove to see Jonathan and get some range time in….

We also took a trip into DC to see my former neighbor put on his forth star and be promoted to the Vice Chief of Staff for the US Army, congratulations to General Joe Martin and his wife Leann. We also had a chance to See Nick and Tina so we packed quite a lot in the visit and I am glad I don’t have to drive in that traffic every day…ugh.

After all this fun it was back to the Kitchen to finish toe kicks, wiring for the disposal and other touches while waiting on the install of the counter tops, sink and Island. We did have a nice tempura dinner using the temporary plywood counter tops I put in…

Well a week later and right before we left the Carrara Marble counter tops showed up and we were able to finish the kitchen.

Alex’s reaction says it all…

Also I was able to install a better water filtration system in the RV. I have noticed that my skin has become very sensitive to minerals in the water and some places, mostly out west, I would be quite itchy after a shower and needed to take an antihistamine to get it to calm down. Once we were in VA I had no issues and decided to install a Reverse Osmosis filtration system that removes all dissolved minerals from the water and is more efficient than trying to just treat the water with a water softener. I don’t know what mineral is most bothering to me but I figured just remove them all….

We left VA and headed north, stopping overnight in Albany, NY and got to meet up with Cathy’s little sister Jennifer and Jessica, her Daughter who was home from college.

Then on to NH to visit friend and family….

We landed at Kevin her younger brother who allowed us to driveway surf and was able to hook up the RV to his house for electricity and water. Now to work on a few projects while spending quality family time….

3 thoughts on “A tattoo at your age ?

  1. Watch out with those tattoos, I hear they’re addictive. Next thing you know, you’ll have a whole sleeve!! 🙂

    Great job on the kitchen. It really looks fantastic!

    And I’m with you on the east coast traffic. We’re dreading our upcoming VA visit. We do NOT want to deal with that again.

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