A wedding plus 2 Months and counting

A wedding plus 2 Months and counting

It was a big week last week, with two major accomplishments.  Number one was the wedding for our daughter, Erin and my new son in law Alex.  It was a great weekend affair, with lots of family and friends getting together.  We had over 200 guests for the wedding and it went off without a hitch.  Here are some of the photo’s for those of you who could not make it:


So click on the picture and you can go through just a few of the ones folks are posting, it was a great weekend with family and friends…

The second major thing was we hit the magic two months and counting until I retire and we hit the road.  And in reality, it is a one month countdown until we plan to move out of the Townhouse and into the RV which we will have parked at Andrews Air Force Base.  This will allow us time to clean out the Townhouse and get it ready for renters.  We have some flexibility here but from a planning perspective it gives us time to move stuff around in the RV and actually live in it more than a few days at a time.  More like and extended dock trial, get the crew aboard and test out all the systems under actual living conditions.  We got in some parking lot camping during the wedding weekend, and I did learn that I really want to look into solar to keep the batteries charged so I don’t need to run the generator as often, and that if it too hot and we need to run the air conditioning, I need to either move the rig north or to a higher elevation to get out of the heat and into cooler weather….My sister jan thought up a pretty good name for the RV “Endless Summer” and my brother countered with “Chasing 70” as in degrees.  It does some up my thoughts that if I am not in shorts and a golf shirt we are in the wrong location….

The big rocks left are getting smaller, we still have to sell the 2011 Ford Edge, finalize some financial stuff, sign paperwork, get the rest of the furniture out and on it’s way north, final move of stuff into storage….

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  1. Thanks for a wonderful visit. We had a great time.
    Had a good trip to S. D. By the time we had dinner Jill was tired, so we spent the the night at J&Ms. Will go home this morning. L&Ps Mom

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