All that work just for a few more cup holders….

All that work just for a few more cup holders….

So after the trial fit, I took the boxes home to get sanded, stained, clear coated, cut the holes for the cup holders and then took it back to the RV and installed it.  The lot was very hot, outside was close to 100 degrees, but I kicked on the generator and with all three A/C units running, it was cooled down to a more tolerable level.  I took a bunch of stuff from the house including one of the printer’s and installed that also, along with a little recall work on the roof, putting loctite on some screws that hold the rear spoiler.

IMG_6900 IMG_6901 IMG_6903 IMG_6908 IMG_6909 IMG_6910 IMG_6911

Headed home and one of the girl’s were waiting patiently at the top of the stairs:


Good day, got a few things taken care of, but way too hot to be doing to much, next year at this time I plan to be in Oregon or washington along the coast where it will not be 100 degrees!

5 thoughts on “All that work just for a few more cup holders….

  1. Great job, wish you were here we have several projects that we could use your input .
    We had to turn the central air today for the first time. We had some humidity so the swamp cooler didn’t work as well as usual but the air cooled it too much for me. L&PsMom

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