And we are off…..

And we are off…..

Not to see the wizard, but to pick up the RV.  We have made several lists, packed up stuff for the return trip, getting some of the basics loaded into the RV and put all of that into the back of the Jeep.  The Dog’s are actually away at summer camp at “Camp Waterman” in NH, visiting with Cathy’s sister, Tina.  They have plenty of company, a yard to run around in and to chase many chipmunks and other assorted small animals.  We decided it would be just too hard to try and bring them along as we pick up the RV.  Cathy will retrieve them later in June and they can start getting used to the RV as we do pre-deployment local operations.


Here is the Jeep all packed with initial outfitting for the RV.  All the needed kitchen, outdoor stuff, tools, bedding, clothes, staples…  Cathy has been making a few lists and I think we have a good start.

Jeep packed1

jeep packed2

More to come after we arrive in Sherman Mississippi…

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  1. How fun!!! Know you are excited about seeing your new rig; it’s a beauty. Have a safe trip!

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