Arches National Park

Arches National Park

The great thing about the town of Moab is it’s proximity to Arches National Park.  We were able to make a few trips into the park and as our usual practice, leave the park on the less traveled 4×4 trail.  First up was a hike to Delicate Arch to witness sunset…

Balance Rock

Hike 1.5 miles back to the Arch
Climb was about 600 feet up
Nice ledge at trail end
The view we see as you round the ledge, totally in awe…

Heading back in twilight..

On the next trip we drove through the entire park and took a few small hikes.

Tupical wait to get into one of the most popular parks….

Even nature is building wooden arches to complement the rock ones…

Ther back road into/out of Arches National Park
“what is going on with this rocky ride Dad?”
Heading back to Moab

So even though we were here two weeks we did not get in all the hikes and 4×4 trails I would have liked,  a few days were spent finally getting out our so called renters to leave our townhouse, working on getting it cleaned up and having repairs made so hopefully we can get it on the market in a week or so.  We have decided to sell it and not look back.  We have decided to not consider purchasing a permanent place right now, no “Kling Compound” is in the current horizon, we want the freedom to just pick up and go where we want, when we want.  If someone else in the family wants to buy some land to develop into a family compound, I would be more than happy to provide the funds to support a RV spot for us to use.  Anyway, we are looking forward to picking up a guest for our next leg, the Grand Teton’s.  Stay tuned, we will keep you updated on on house sale and some of the downstream things that that may open up once that is completed…..

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