Austin, Texas and a new year

Austin, Texas and a new year

Since we had some time from the solar install, we visiting a small local town of Gruene, pronounced “Green”, that was started as a farm settled by a German family and a small town grew up from it.  It has a very old dance hall with live music, several nice restaurants and shops.


At the end of the solar install, we smoked Turkey breasts for a Christmas dinner and the next day shared it with Greg and Cori from our Solar Install and friends Jack and Alesia who used to live across the street when we lived in Virginia and relocated to San Antonio a few years ago. The have a Miniature Schnauzer named Zephyr which the girls were puppies around so they had no issues bossing him around now that they have grown up….

The next day, we relocated north to the Austin area, staying at McKinney Falls State Park and spent time exploring around downtown Austin….

They have a nice river walk and we spent some time on the capitol grounds, pretty impressive and they say it is taller than the U. S. Capitol. The real treat was all the food trucks and different places to eat.  Since we have been called out by my brother, Kevin, for not paying proper homage to the taco’s we have been eating, including Torchy’s Taco’s in Waco, we stopped at Veracruz All Natural Taco Truck based on our daughter’s Erin’s recommendation and found it to have great breakfast taco’s and some of the best coffee we have had in awhile.

We also went south of Austin to try Salt Lick BBQ which was in a small town and is quite the operation, great BBQ and wonderful sides….

We also explored the hip south side of Austin and ate some wonderful NY style Pizza on night….

They do like murals and we found this by the Pizza place and thought of our friends in Pittsburgh….

To burn off all those calories we did do a few hikes in the state park….

We did spend New Years eve with Jack, Alesia and Zephyr…

And that is how we rang in 2017, with some of our best friends….

On New Year’s day we went back to the RV to relax, watch some football and get ready to relocate to San Antonio for the next part of our Texas Visit…

We will spend the next week or so in San Antonio (3-12 January), checking out the town with help from Jack and Alesia before we move west to El Paso, Texas (13-20 January), and then on to Tucson, Arizona (20-31 January).   So that is the plan for the 1st month of 2017.  Hope everyone had a merry Christmas and are off to a good New Year!


5 thoughts on “Austin, Texas and a new year

  1. Happy New Year!! I just visited Family in Austin, Dallas and Tyler Texas! Enjoy, sounds like a great first month to 2017!

  2. Happy New Year!
    I’m chasing you around the country and keep missing you! While you were in Jacksonville, I was in D.C. I arrived in San Antonio the day you left and I left the day you returned.

    I’m back in Jacksonville now. We had a wonderful time in San Antonio. We stayed in an apartment in the Pearl area and visited Gruene and the Natural Bridge Caverns.

    I’m glad to guys are having a wonderful adventure and sharing it with us. Stay safe.

  3. Sounds like you are having a great time. Dad &I decided we were eating way too much when we first started traveling, so we started to eat fruit or salad for lunch. We weren’t staying in one place very long,mostly traveling, so we didn’t exercise much. Hope you keep having fun. L.&Ps Mom

  4. Tom and I are planning a trip to Texas in March with friends of ours. Your info is enlightening and helpful. Keep having fun. Happy New Year!

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