Back Door Into Canyonlands National Park

Back Door Into Canyonlands National Park

The nice thing about the Jeep is it allows you to travel the road less traveled.  In this case, we took the back door 4×4 road into the park, starting in the valley floor with the Colorado River running through it and them climbing thousands of feet to the rim.  I had been wanting to meet up with Erik from, he is a retired Coast Guard Chief and is full timing with his wife Brittney and their 17 month old Caspian.  He is an avid jeeper and runs a jeep site  Well we finally got to meet up in Moab, spending a few days getting to know each other.  I was even able to help him fix a minor wiring problem with his Jeep external lights, putting all my mad Navy skills to use, ok in reality just fixed a broken wire, but hey, it is always good to help out a fellow RVer.  One trip we took is the back road into Canyonlands and even found another backroad out of it.  It was a blast which hopefully the pictures will show.

We traveled about 20 miles past a Potash Plant to the border of Canyonlands National Park

Once we got into the Park, we had another 10 miles to go, most of it would be climbing the cliff face to get to the rim.

We need to get to the top of this cliff?
Nard to see all the switchbacks to climb the cliff face….

After a long, but beautiful climb up the cliff face we made it to the main road entering Canyonlands National Park.  We decided to do a small hike to Mesa Arch and took a few pictures.

Eric, Brittney and Caspian…great folks to spend time with
View from Mesa Arch

The return trip was via Long Canyon…

steep switchbacks going down
into narrow canyons
So is the road now blocked???
Can we fit…


No problem…
view of road down to the river…

Back on the road back to Moab…

It was a great way to get to see parks of this vast park that most people only get to see from the rim, looking down into the vastness.  It explains why a Jeep was a great choice to tow behind the RV.  Next up is a trip into Arches National Park…

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