Beach Time

Beach Time

So as we worked our way south, the plan was to do some beach visits and spend time checking out different beachfront communities for when we decide we want to settle down, I think a beachfront condo is on the top of our wish list. So why not both enjoy the RV and get some research done at the same time? Sounds like a plan to me.

First up was Hilton Head Island. We stayed at the Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort. It is a privately owned property were each lot was sold to individual owners and a large number are put into the rental pool when the owners are not using them. It is centrally located in Hilton Head and just 2 miles from the beach. The resort is highly rated and everyone seems to love it.

Overall it was a nice place with plenty of great Restaraunt’s close by. The resort is well kept up and the sites are very nice, setting under old oak trees. We did visit the different shopping areas, but I will tell you one thing, you need to watch were you are going closely since the signs are all really small and not lighted for the most part. They want to keep the nature look but it sure makes finding things harder.

It was a great visit, but overall not going to make my retirement condo list, not a big fan of the beach, it is very flat, not real colorful and little wave action. Not my cup of tea.

Next up was West Destin,on the panhandle of Florida. We stayed at Destin West RV Resort, it was fantastic, the park was well laid out, it was right across from the beach and had frontage on the Bay. We really enjoyed the resort, its central location, the beach had public parking and a nice number of Restaraunt’s nearby with some of the best seafood we have eaten. Now this is more like it to me.

We really liked the sunsets over the beach, the great colors with the bright white sand and the blue/green ocean. I spent quite a few hours just sitting in my beach chair, reading and listening to the Ocean.

Our final stop was Panama City Beach about 90 minutes west still on the Panhandle. We stayed at Panama City Beach RV Resort, near the beach. Nice park but seems to be starting to get run down. The grass died off and weeds were taking over, including some very nasty burs that attacked the girls while out on walks. The beach was in walking distance and it was in a more quiet area of Panamanian City Beach which was fine by us.

So overall a nice area, plenty of reasonable priced condo’s in the area and with a very nice beach area. A contender at least and someplace to visit again and get more of a feel of the place at different times of the season. It is clearly a high tourist area and parts are teaming with all that caters tot eh short term renter, but away from those areas is a slower laid back vibe. So keep it on my list for further exploration.

So now we are in our standard winter spot in St. Augustine near my brother’s house. We like the RV park here, quiet with a lot of seasonal folks who come each year. They keep making improvements and the place looks better each year. So if your in the area, I would recommend Stagecoach RV Park. We will be here through the end of January. In February we are going to hit up a few more beach spots in the Panhandle again so stay tuned.

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  1. Always thought living on a beach would be amazing. Obviously a major concern would be hurricanes. Good luck with your assessments. I wouldn’t select Hilton Head either for the same reasons you stated. One especially is why stay on the ocean with no waves?
    Hope this comment finds both of you well. We are all good. Love to the two of you.

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