Beach Weekend

Beach Weekend

So for Cathy’s birthday we decided to take a long weekend and go back to Gulf Waters RV Resort and spend a long weekend and catch up with folks we met the last time we stayed there in January. So a quick 4 hour drive south and we arrived in Port Aransas, TX.

Overall it was a wonderful weekend, the resort is one of the best we have stayed at, the weather was fantastic, we got to spend time in the pool, time walking on he beach, we drove the Jeep on the beach and watched the sun set, slept in so we never got up to see sunrise. Our friends Jack and Alicia came down from San Antonio and spent a day with us and some new friends Teri and Dave who live a hour away stoped by and had dinner with us. Good break for Cathy from work and we totally has a relaxing time. It was good to exercise the RV and make sure all systems are good to go in preparation for heading to Virginia in July. Everything worked great, so it was a very successful “sea trials” for our upcoming “deployment “

Let me know how you like the photo layout in a more gallery fashion vice one at a time thatI used to do.

3 thoughts on “Beach Weekend

  1. The photos are great! Definitely a nice way to change things up.

    We were supposed to stay at Gulf Waters RV Park, but got screwed up by Hurricane Harvey. Glad to see it’s back up and running and looking beautiful. Hopefully we’ll get there eventually.

    Sounds like you had a perfect weekend!

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