Big Rocks to consider from now until RV pick up

Big Rocks to consider from now until RV pick up

So the RV is getting finished and between now and when we pick it up in early June, I need to focus on the next 8 weeks and the big rocks I have in front of me.  So in looking at the next period of time here is what I need to consider:

  • Get financing all ready to go, make sure money is in the right place before the pick up trip
  • finalize needed hotel and RV park reservations for the pick up trip
  • Sort through the business trips I have in April and the overseas Trip in May
  • Factor in the visits from family and friends in April and May
  • Figure out weekend trip to see the B&B we have reserved in September for our daughter’s wedding (need to see if we want to bring the RV)
  • Jonathan’s Graduation from UVA
  • Finalize the pick up trip planning and build the trip spreadsheet
  • Make a quick list of stuff to bring on the pick up trip (what household goods to bring is the big difference from then normal vacation planning)
  • Get dealer to send me pictures of the RV when it arrives just so I can get more excited….
  • Figure out Cathy’s trip to family in New England and what stuff to bring North

This type of list helps me organize my thought’s since the next 8 weeks are going to fly by and with business trips and business meeting’s, along with visits by family and friends, it is going to be quite a busy time.  So to try and bring order to the chaos, we have loaded the information into Google Calendar’s that both Cathy and I can see and make sure things work.

5 thoughts on “Big Rocks to consider from now until RV pick up

  1. Sounds like you have it all under control. Just don’t forget the right kind of toilet paper! And fire extinguisher for coach. 😉

  2. Hmmm…I think I see a “planner” in you! You got this Jon, very impressive! I can’t wait to see you driving up to our house in this awe-inspiring home on wheels!

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