Boy this RV thing is really tall….

Boy this RV thing is really tall….

So, just how do I get on top of this thing?  I did not get the built in ladder in an effort to keep the clean look and I thought the quality of the installed ladder was lacking considering the 200+ lbs it would suffer with me using it.  So after a few searches I found a few neat ladders others had used:

First was a standard A frame ladder but it folds up into a nice neat square:

folding ladder

Revolutionary Telesteps 7 ft. double sided STIK ladder (folding step ladder) opens easily from side to side and closes to about the size of a 4 x 4 post, to provide a compact easy to use and easy to store step ladder. This ladder is OSHA certified, and ANSI 14.2 tested, with a 250 LBS Type 1 duty rating. Made from high quality aluminum alloys, the 700FLD weighs 23 lbs, and can be easily stored just about anywhere. Use it at home, office, job site, or with your motorhome.

Telesteps 700FLD OSHA Compliant 7 ft Double sided folding step ladder (STIK)


Next was one that would allow me to get onto the roof:

t ladder

This Xtend & Climb ladder features heavy-duty construction and is designed to hold up to professional use, making it a great choice for contractors or the serious do-it-yourselfer. The ladder extends in 1-ft. increments and folds to 36 1/2in.H when not in use, so it stores virtually anywhere. OSHA and ANSI approved. It features rugged aerospace engineered 6061 aluminum alloy construction with a clean-touch anodized finish. Also includes a no-pinch closure system, nonslip end caps and integrated carry handle.

Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type I Professional Series, 15.5-Foot

So, nice and simple storage, easy to use and allows me to work on different parts of the RV….




4 thoughts on “Boy this RV thing is really tall….

  1. Do you really need to get on the roof ? I do know Dad sealed our roof once or twice but you could take it someplace and have it done but that is a few years down the road. Just tossing ideas around. You won’t be storing things on the roof, will you?
    I sure enjoyed havigJonathan here but the time went way too fast. L&Ps Mom

    1. yes, since I hope to put solar panels on it, and NO, not to be going full tilt greenie, but as a way to cut down on generator running to keep batteries charged when I am staying at a place without hook ups….like at say a local VFW post out in the middle of the desert.

  2. We have the Extend & Climb 15.5. I’ve only used it a couple of times, but the weight and size is much better than the folding ones I’ve used.

  3. Jon,
    My take on it wold be to go with the first choice as an A frame ladder can stand alone, and might be useful for things other than climbing up on top.
    Also, a partner could go up the other side to help you with some difficult task. Good Luck.


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