Brother’s Construction

Brother’s Construction

So after working on Mom’s bathroom, my great Niece was closing on her first house and wanted to get the floors redone before they moved in. She asked me to look at the quote and after going over it I thought I could save her money on the labor. My oldest brother Dean offered to help out and was interested in learning how to install a Luxury Vinyl floor as he may want to do that in his Condo.

Lucky for us the house had an RV pad we could use, it was a vey right fit but we made it work, plugging into the dryer port and we had a place to cook and sleep.

So off to the races, Karrie got the flooring delivered along with a large dumpster. Here is what the existing flooring looked like. We had about 1500 sq feet to replace and another 500sq ft to install over an existing tile floor.

Question one was if the existing floor was glued down onto the slab and stapled on the upper floors. So first step is to cut it open and see…

Lucky it was just a floating floor so tear out was relatively easy…

So on day two we started the install..Karrie’s husband Kyle was helping and leaning how to install it. I was trying to stay ahead of them and work on fixing the transitions between the bathroom and kitchen tile to eliminate any reducers or transitions so the floor flows freely without changes in heights as it flows between rooms.

overall we worked for 6 straight days for about 10 hours a day to get the flooring down and rebuild the stairs. I think it came out fantastic.

I taught both my niece, Dawn Renee (Karrie’s mom) and Kyle how to do the shoe molding and caulking as that was still getting finished up when we needed to head out. We wanted to take Dean with us in the RV to my other older Brother lake house at Lake Oroville, CA. We pulled out leaving a ver full dumpster. Without everyone pitching it we could not have got it done and it was great getting to know Kyle while we worked together.

Next stop the lake for some needed rest and plans for the rest of the year…

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  1. Wow! John you always come in and save the day. You seem to do this stuff with your eyes closed. It looks wonderful. When are you coming back to VA to help me with my floors? Yes, tell Kathy of course she can help supervise, as always. Miss you guys

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