Bryce Canyon…Most Scenic Hike To Date

Bryce Canyon…Most Scenic Hike To Date

After the fantastic scenery of Zion, I was wondering how Bryce Canyon would be.  A better comparison would be the Grand Canyon, since Bryce Canyon has the sightseeing from the rim and your hikes take you down into the canyon and then you return back up to the rim.  WE stayed just a mile outside the Park at Ruby’s Inn and RV Park, which was established by a family who settled in the area in the early 1900’s, was showed the canyon and started supporting people visiting the area.  The RV park built a new section in the back with HUGH spaces, a large grass area the Girl’s loved, a sunken fire pit surrounded by rocks.  Definitely a great place to stay and I will be back for the reasons I will explain below.

Once we set up, we decided to drive into the park and check out some of the overlooks at sunset.  Here are a few of the pictures, and you can say it was quite dramatic.

The next day was spent around the RV, fighting off the crud I picked up at Zion.  I just felt like crap, some body aches, stuffy head and all the joy that comes with that.  Cathy was patient, did a little shopping while I slept off the crap infecting my body.  I was feeling pressed knowing we only had a few days and after what we say on day one, but just could not do anything on day two.  By evening I was feeling better, so we had a fire and met a nice couple from St. George UT who grew up and lived in Southern California so we had things in common.

Day 2 I was feeling better so we took on some hiking, Namely doing two of the popular trails, Queens Garden and returning via Navaho Trail.  Just check out the pictures we took…

As you can see we have started our decent below the rim
Front side….
Rear side, from more below, descending into the canyon.

The vally floor was full of shade from the pine forest.

Now for the trip back up 550 feet to the rim….

So I have to say, it was a nice three hour hike, it has to be the most scenic hike we have taken to date, the colors of the rocks against a blue sky and the green lush forest in the canyon is breathtaking and amazing.  We plan to come back and spend much more time here is was so great just the two days we spent exploring…we just scratched the surface of this wonderful place.  It is a must see place, don’t miss it if you are in the Grand canyon area, you won’t regret it

Lastly, we took a drive to the end of the road and some of the overlooks, climbing up to 9000 feet in elevation, bring your winter jackets, when the sun goes down it cools off real quick and the temperature is much cooler at this elevation.

Well, we will defiantly need to come back and spend at least a few weeks exploring the area, there are several local forests and red rock canyon nearby to explore, so I started a list of places we need to return to and spend more time at.  I added Zion and Bryce Canyon to this list, in fact, Utah has may parks and monuments and we are agin just hitting the top ones and this is going to require more than a few weeks.  I am thinking about spending a spring and summer exploring the wonders on Utah maybe in the 2020 time frame as we are planning 2019 on the east coast.  Next up is Page, Az then on to Monument Valley.


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  1. Was it as uncrowded as these pictures make it look, or were there a ton of people there? We’re looking forward to it!

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