Casting off lines…getting underway in a week

Casting off lines…getting underway in a week


We are now just a week away from starting on our 1st long deployment that will take us first to Florida, then across to US to California.  We have planned out the trip, made the needed reservations and got a overall plan in place.  One part is to go back to the Tiffin Factory to get some minor warranty work done.  A recent add to that list became a key point when the dryer tripped the breaker when in use and it looks like it has a short, so even trying to plug it in causes the circuit breaker to fail.  So I needed to adjust the schedule to ensure we have enough time at the factory to get needed repairs completed.  Right now we may have to wait a few days for a service bay to open as they do not take reservations.  I am still considering options, but we need to get the dryer replaced and annual service done on the coach before we head west.  I have an appointment for solar install starting on the 21st of December.  So I am working on a week and possible two week window to get work done and I guess we will have to play it by ear.  I intend to arrive at the service center about the 4th of December and go from there.  I have some other reservations in Texas that I might have to cancel if we end up getting stuck at the factory longer.  Getting the RV right is more important and will drive the schedule.

Here is a link to the Google My Map for our trip out:

It should open up Google Maps in your WEB browser so you can view the map I created.

I hope to be posting weekly once we are on the road and will adjust my plans based on how busy is the factory is once December rolls around, I may need to adjust my travels accordingly.

I have turned over at work and am getting the required security briefings and financial filings completed, a few medical visits and final trip to storage.  We have a few visits with friends this weekend.  Erin picks up the Ford Edge on Sunday, we will be down to just the Jeep for vehicles.  On Monday, I go into work for a morning retirement meeting, small ceremony with work and we hit the road about 0900 on Tuesday, November 15th for three years if everything goes as planned.

someone is ready to go….


Stay tuned…..

2 thoughts on “Casting off lines…getting underway in a week

  1. I will try this again. I wrote a long note expressing how happy I was for you both but some how it got lost. I tried agai an for some reason it wouldn’t send, so I will try again.
    Your comments reminded e of how excited we were, waiting the Lat few days before we started our travels. So glad you get to start younger. Enjoy everyday and all the places you go. L&Ps Mom

  2. Hi Jon – I am a long time friend of Cindy and Kevin’s. When they told me of your plans I had to see your web site and live vicariously through your adventures. Enjoy your visit with them over Thanksgiving. I will keep reading and living my boring life in Atlanta! Safe travels!

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