casting off lines….getting underway

casting off lines….getting underway

Well, it has been a busy week, we were sitting around the golf course and had a special guest show up…

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We had a great day visiting with some family who were in town


Cathy’s sister Tina and husband John were in town for a family get together and Erin and Alex stopped by to pick up the Ford Edge we sold to Erin as we are down to just the Jeep.  Had a nice dinner before everyone had to head out.


So we had a small retirement ceremony where I was presented a few awards, I’ll post more pictures of that at a later date, but here is a nice plaque that sums up everything:


Ok, time to start packing up the RV and hitting the road, first stop is Norfolk VA.  we are going to be in Florida in a week and staying near my brother, Kevin.  Our new snail mail address is going to be his place, and we will be changing our state residency to Florida.  No state income tax means an instant 7.9% raise to me!  Time to drain the tanks, make a trip to storage locker and hit the road later today.

Jon & Cathy.


Dog’s are ready to go…..




7 thoughts on “casting off lines….getting underway

  1. So happy for you, you have worked hard for this. Know you are constantly in my prayers that all your plans will go your way. Looking forward to seeing you in Feb. Have lots of fun along the way. L&Ps Mom

  2. Woot!!! Congratulations! So happy for you guys. Can’t wait to start seeing your posts from the road. Best of luck (and avoid labs… : )


  3. So happy for the both of you. The plaque you received was quite impressive. Best wishes for an awesome retirement. God bless you real good! Love you dearly.

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