Catalina State Park and Family Visit

Catalina State Park and Family Visit

Due to some reviews from fellow bloggers, I was excited to get reservations to Catalina State Park on the North side of Tucson Az.  Eric and Tina run a fish hatchery in South Dakota for 8 months of the year and then run south to Az to do some hiking and biking in the winter months.   They have a nice you tube channel called “GoneNoMad” and due to their recommendations, I decided to try a few Arizona State Parks.  Since they were in AZ right now, we were able to meet Eric and Tina in person when we visited Kartchner Caverns.

We are here for 11 Days, until the end of January.  So I am going to break this post into two parts.

Arrival with storm clouds brewing
Our son Jonathan and his girlfriend Alexandra came out to visit us for a few days
Woke up to the dry wash the road goes through full of sand and water, they got it opened up by noon

First up was a visit to Kartchner Caverns an hour away.  You make reservations to tour them in small groups through different air locks to preserve the atmosphere.  Since you cannot take phones into them, here are some photo’s from the internet.

I will just say pictures do not cover the grand scale of the caverns and I think it is worth seeing in person.  Here is a view from the outside looking into the valley

Next day we decided to go on a hike to Romero Pools, about 3 miles one way and a climb of about 1800 feet

first up, cross the wash and boy the water was cold, about a foot deep
Start of hike
First part was relatively flat

At the pools a few hours later, having a lunch break
With all the rain the other day, the pools were full of water

Heading down

Yes, that is snow just a few thousand feet up from where we hiked, more on that later

our backyard during the stay
Outdoor kitchen view
Roadrunner stopping by for a visit, and yes coyote did walk through out site a day later, hot on his trail…beep beep

After a few days of taking care of business like laundry and getting systems backed up and such, we took a ride up Mount Lemmon…you start in the dry desert with all the cactus at 2500 feet and end up in  pine forest at 8000 feet

On our way down the valley, I got to use my winch to pull someone out from the snow.  They tried to go down a side road and got stuck about 50 feet off the main road.  I had to do a few pulls but got him back on dry pavement…quite a lot of fun actually.

If you want to see a short video, here is the link:

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  1. Sure looks like our desert. You can hike JT.NP while you are here. So glad you are having a good time. Can hardly wait to see you. L&Ps Mom

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