Celebrating Nora Ann…

Celebrating Nora Ann…

In mid February we headed up to central Virginia to help with the pending arrival of our first grandchild, Nora Ann. Erin and Alex needed to spend the last two weeks I closer to the UVA medical center so we agreed to station the RV nearby and Cathy and I would house sit in Harrisonburg and take care of their two cats. So we packed up our stuff and moved out of the RV for the first time in the four years that we have been full timing in the RV.

Crew shift
Our stuff for the planned two week stay
Erin & Alex’s home

So we planned to spend two weeks at the house with our two Westies and their two Cats while we waited.

Indy keeps an eye on Layla

We did go visit the kids at the RV and the swap worked out great because early in the morning, 3am, a few days before the due date they headed off to UVA and late that night just before midnight Nora Ann made her arrival….

While Here Mom & Dad were locked up at the hospital, we relocated the RV to the RV Park near their hose and moved back into “our home”. We were actually really missing the RV and were ready to get back our tiny space we have come to enjoy.

We have been spending time helping out and Nora Ann is doing great, her mom & dad are great parents who are doing an outstanding job with her.

Nora has been meeting family and friends and getting used to the hum and flow of her new home.

So our plans are to stick around and help in any way we can. We are overjoyed and are having fun seeing how Nora Ann begins her life with her Mom and Dad and all of her relatives she is meeting. I’ll update our plans as we work out the details and discuss what is the next chapter in our lives now that we have a grandchild to consider. Stay tuned….

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  1. She is beautiful and you guys looks so happy! It’s great that you were able to help out and even use the RV to make things easier on the new parents. Congratulations and enjoy every minute!!

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