Christmas Update

Christmas Update

Well the year of Covid is about over, thank god, as we hunker down in St. Augustine Florida. We were out west in Arizona when Covid hit the US. We went to my Mom’s in April to help rebuild her bathroom to make it more accessible as we decided on future plans. As lockdowns spread and our planned visits were cancelled we headed east to Maine to be near Cathy’s family as we saw summer turn to fall and the beginning of Winter. We headed south stopping to see the Kids and got down here on 1 Dec.

our winter spot

We are enjoying the milder weather with days in the 60s and nights in the low 50s with just occasional cold spells coming through. The Girls have a nice dog park to chase each other.

We have been spending time visiting with my younger brother Kevin and His wife Cindy, having fires and Cathy has been doing some baking, getting ready for Christmas.

As to our plans, we are going to stay here until the middle of February, then head up to Virginia to await the arrival of Nora Ann, our first grandchild.

Erin is due in early March so we will spend spring in Virginia with Erin helping out with the baby and I am sure working on a few projects around her house.

After Erin’s, we plan to visit Jonathan in Pittsburgh, family in Ohio and then head back to Maine for the summer visiting family again. We hope everyone stays safe and has a Merry Christmas. Let’s hope 2021 is a better year and we all can eventually get back to more normal times.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Update

  1. Was fun seeing you in Joshua Tree, We are still planning on Maui in July. So glad I retired in the middle of Covid. Spending a lot more time on the Lake. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Enjoy your time in St. Augustine. Definitely a nice place to spend the winter. I expect we’ll be there next year at this time (world catastrophes permitting). Hope you, Cathy, and the girls had a nice Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks for the update. It probably feels good to be in FL and not have to deal with the snow.
    Hopefully when you come to Pittsburgh, we can get together as well. Let’s pray this crazy COVID dilemma is over and done with by then. I’m getting tired of staying indoors and not being able to socialize with family and friends. Ugh!
    Take care and know you and Cathy are loved.

  4. Glad you are out of the cold weather. Hopefully we can get together when you come to Pittsburgh.
    Let’s pray COVID is over and done with by then.
    Take care and know you and Cathy are loved.

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