Coach Automation 101

Coach Automation 101

So most of the coach controls for lighting, vent fans, shades and such are controlled by several touch panels that are around the RV.  Each panel is set to control those things nearby, so the shades control is in the main salon panel.  But what if your sitting down and don’t want to get up to change something?

Two Tiffin owners got together and created a simple computer to plug into the control system used on the RV to allow all the functions used on the Spyder Control System.  Here is what the computer looks like:


So here is the control panels in the coach:

img_7355 img_7356 img_7357 img_7358

So once you install the computer, it creates it’s own wifi network, you use your tablet or phone to connect to that network and go to a simple web pages to control everything on the control panels without getting out of your chair…perfect.





Good good to the coach proxy guys, you can even have it connect via cellular connection to the Internet to give you updates.

if you have a late model Tiffin, you might want to check it out at



4 thoughts on “Coach Automation 101

  1. Wow.They sure have made so many changes to coaches since we had ours.Iy is hard to believe. Are you having that put in yours while you are there?
    Hope you can get on the road soon so you can go south. L&Ps Mom

  2. What happens to your legs if you just keep doing it from your chair? I thought the separate controls were to help you get some exercise in your Tiffin????? Guess you will just have to spend more time chasing the girls!!!! Safe travels.

  3. Now I know why Chuck & I don’t have one of these vehicles. It takes more IT skills than we have! Love reading & seeing photos you post. Keep Safe

  4. What will they think of next? Do you still have to get up to go get a drink, eat, and/or go to the bathroom?
    Take care. Wish you all the best.

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