Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs

We stopped in Colorado Springs for a few days, staying at the Air Force Academy family Campground, really nice place under the pinion pine trees.  The AF Academy ground were really nice, the facility was a lot bigger than I thought.  They have a small airport to train the cadets in flying both small prop planes and gliders.  Here are some of the pictures we took on the Academy grounds.

The most famous building is the chapel

They have an amazing view tucked up against the mountains, I must admit, if I could go back in time to my High School days I might have wanted to go here to start a military career…

Next up was a trip to the top of pikes peak.  Before we headed up, we first stopped by the Penrose Museum that is at the Broadmoor Resort.  The resort owner built the actual road up to pikes peak as a tourist destination and organized the hill climb race that is still run today.  The Museum has a few of the cars that raced to the top.

Sometimes they don’t always make it to the top…

The fastest time up the 12 Mile course is like 8 minutes at a average speed of over 90 miles an hour, we averaged like 25 miles an hour. The track measures 12.42 miles (19.99 km) over 156 turns, climbing 4,720 ft (1,440 m) from the start at Mile 7 on Pikes Peak Highway, to the finish at 14,110 ft (4,300 m), on grades averaging 7.2%.

Morning was the best time to go, in the afternoon, clouds seem to cover the peak in he summer due to afternoon showers, at you need to bring a jacket it was like 40 degrees at the peak, but worth the cost ($30) to drive to the top.  Now I can say that I have been 3,000 ft below the ocean and at over 14,000 above sea level…

Next on the to do list was hiking in Garden of the Gods.

The trails were dog friendly so Layla and Phoebe got to travel the three mile loop we did.

Lastly was a trip to Manitou Springs, a neat mountain town with natural springs and a nice downtown shopping area, pleat of old architecture to see…

The other way you used to be able to get to the top of pikes peak was via an incline railway.  They used these little steam engines to pull a train car to the top.  It had cog wheels under it to rat hit up a very steep incline.  They used to run Diesel engines to the top until 2018 when it was closed due to the need for extensive repairs, there is no real answer if they intend to reopen.

If you look at the mountain you can see the old rail line as it climbs up the first part of the way to the top of pikes peak.

There was a lot to see in Colorado Spings and we need to come back to see it all. Off to Durango we go..

5 thoughts on “Colorado Springs

  1. Neat trip up Pike’s Peak. We were there for a conference at the Broadmoor YEARS ago and drove a monster rental car to the top. Much of the road was gravel and my ex- was a smoker so we weren’t able to spend much time at the top.

  2. That chapel is AMAZING! Wow! So beautiful and unique!

    Thanks for the overview of these areas. I think we may head up this way next spring, though I guess it will depend how long winter lasts…. I am definitely not heading into Colorado when it’s still snowing, but these towns look great and I want to visit before we head east for the summer. We’ll see. These posts have definitely made it appealing to stop there. Glad you guys are having fun!

    1. If you think Colorado Springs was fun, Durango and especially Silverton were a blast. We are coming back in 2020 and I plan to spend at least a month or two in the area, there is that much to do and have fun here.

  3. I remember as a 12 year old, my parents taking my sisters and I on a trip to CO. We also visited the Air Force Academy and chapel. The chapel was such a unique shape and intriguing to all of us. We too went to the top of Pikes Peak and the views were amazing. It was in August and there still was snow at the top. Dad bought us hot chocolate and it wouldn’t cool off fast enough for us! The drive up to the top and back down to the bottom was scary to us as kids. I also remember that even though it was August, we had a snow ball fight in the morning and went swimming outdoors later in the day. I thought that was such a cool thing as a kid to “experience ” two seasons of fun in a matter of hours!
    Glad you are both able to see so much of our beautiful country. Keep having fun and enjoy yourselves. Take care. Love you both.

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