Crescent City and the Down Side of RV Life

Crescent City and the Down Side of RV Life

We have be on the road for 7 Months, and most of all of our experiences have been positive, but as the world turns, we were bound to hit a rough spot at some point.  Well, we finally hit one in Crescent City.  When I was picking sites to stay, I would look at locations, check out reviews and cost as we have a budget to follow.  I picked Bayview RV in Crescent City since it was within the budget and was better rated than two other nearby parks.  I reviewed the comments and nothing really concerning came up.  When we arrived, paid our fee’s and drove to our site, my so called “spidy” sense sense came alive, looked like a fair number of long term residents living in trailers and older motorhomes that have not moved in years, there were multiple ways into the part from nearby streets that connected to the harbor.  But hey were were only going to be here three nights, so I let it go.  I left the bikes cabled to the Jeep, we set up, went and had a nice dinner nearby and settled in for the night.  We woke the next morning to find the mountain bikes taken from the back of the jeep during the dead of night.  In talking to the police and nearby campers who have been here, we found out that the park has a problem with theft, lowlifes continue to come through and steal stuff.  They have issues with homeless folks living around town and at the beach, the logging and fishing industry is all but dead in the area.  There is no controlled access, limited lighting, a thief’s dream location to take from people who do not stick around.  I got to complacent, my senses told me that this was not a good place, I should have found another.  I also did not have a locking scheme to handle a high theft area with a 15 pound chain lock that cannot be cut with bolt cutters.  A $1200 lesson that I will not repeat.

After that first night it was hard to get into the flow of enjoying the sights, at night I turned on all the outside lights, did not care if a neighbor might be bothered by it, I wanted to send the signal that we would not have anyone sneaking around in the dark around our home.  We did a few drives but were ready to move on.

We are now leaving California behind and moving into Oregon, next stop is Humbug State Park near Port Orford, OR.


2 thoughts on “Crescent City and the Down Side of RV Life

  1. Oh gosh, so sorry to hear this news. Sometimes we have also become too complacent.
    If you are heading north along the Oregon coast, you might want to check out Port of Newport RV park in Newport. It’s a nice place located almost under the beautiful bridge and adjacent to an amazing aquarium which is a research center for Oregon State University. The Rogue River brewery is also steps away and offers a nice tour. If you have an inclination to go fishing/crabbing, Yaquina Bay Charters offer a great 1/2 day trip. Or you could purchase a small, folding crab pot and crab from the pier next to the RV park. Hope you will consider it as we always enjoy our visits there. Safe travels, Trish and Mark Bennett

  2. So sorry you had to deal with such a loss. It is a real shame that some people just don’t believe in following such simple guidelines as the Ten Commandments! Oh well, as my dear mom used to say,”Every dog has their day.”
    Might this theft be covered by insurance?
    At least you two are ok. That is the most important! Take care.

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