Crew move aboard starting next week

Crew move aboard starting next week


View of the Main Gate at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland.

We have been slowing moving stuff from the Town House to the RV over the past several weeks, taking kitchen items, bathroom stuff and clothing as we slowly figure out where to put everything.  Right now the move aboard date is between October 8 when we pull the RV out of storage and settle in at the Andrews Air Force Base Family Camp.  We have reservations from the 8th of October through the 14th of November, with plans to leave the DC area on the 15th heading south.

Overall, the RV has been slowly filling up and we have a good sense of the space we have to store things, the basement storage still has a fair amount of space and I am sure we will be bringing stuff that we will later decide we never use and get rid of it.  I think by having the extended “dock trial” from the middle of October through middle of November, we will learn enough to get us off on the right foot.

In addition, we have collapsed down to the 5×10 storage unit which will be enough for the stuff we really want to keep.  Some of the furniture is going North to Cathy’s sister who will use it while we are traveling and we can decide later if we want it back depending where we end up and if it makes sense.

Once we get into Andrew’s I’ll post some pictures and give an update on the finalized travel plans and with some upgrades we have planned already, but I am too busy with work and getting the Townhouse ready to rent, so that will have to wait for a few weeks.  Once we are living in the RV I should have some time to work on my blog, well that is the plan at least.



2 thoughts on “Crew move aboard starting next week

  1. Sounds like a plan to me. Living will be mucheSier when you aren’t trying to juggle living in two places. Good luck. L. &Ps Mom

  2. We’ve actually been spending some time (since we’re currently stuck) reevaluating some things in our storage bays. It’s hard to know what you’ll need until you start living there. Overall, we’re happy with what we brought along, but there are a handful of things we’ll be jettisoning now that we’ve actually been full timing for 2 months.

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