Cross country road trip

Cross country road trip

So after visiting family and getting projects completed we decided to head East and stay near Cathy’s family in the Northeast. We are going to stay in North Berwick Maine at her brother Kevin’s house. We have electricity, water and can dump our waste tank as needed. Perfect way to spend the summer. Now all we needed to do was drive the RV about 3500 miles to his house. We planned to stop and see my Navy buddy Bryan in Indianapolis and our son Jonathan in Pittsburgh but the rest of the stops would just be overnight stops. I took a lot of stats along the way to get a good feel of costs and mileage since the RV have over 30K miles and is broken in. So here we go…

Lake Oroville, CA to Wendover , NV

We started our trip leaving David’s lake house and planned a 510 mile trip to fill up in NV where costs were less. I started with about 3/4 of a tank of gas. Filled up in Wells, NV using my fleet diesel card from TSD Logistics. I filled up with 130g of diesel fuel at $1.99 a gallon and topped off the DEF tank. $262 dollars later we headed to our first stop in Wendover NV, with the town split between NV and UT. Plenty of casinos in NV part of town. Nearby was Bonneville Salt Flats.

Wendover NV to Cheyenne WY

The next leg was a 570 mile jaunt to Cheyenne WY going through Salt Lake City on I 80. It was about 10 hours of drinking but not bad at all, nice views and little traffic. We stayed at a KOA right on the east side of Cheyenne. We went out and had a nice steak dinner to refuel my body. The winds can be strong as the guy pulling the trailer found out as he rounded a hill.

Cheyenne WY to Saint Joseph, MO

Another 570 mile day and about 10 hours in the chair. We left Cheyenne and cut across Nebraska, very flat and plenty of corn fields. We say a fire from over 50 miles away, pretty amazing. We filled up in Ogallala, at a TA truck stop. On the last tank we got 784 miles and took 105g of diesel fuel. It cost $204.79 at a cost of $1.95 a gallon. The listed price was about $2.49 but with my fleet card I scored a 54 cents a gallon discount!

Saint Joseph, MO to Albion, IL

The next leg was through Kansas City, St. Louis and a overnight stop at an friends Hobby Shop. Robbie runs RLD Hobbies and has a RV spot next to his shop that I could stay. It was great catching up as we used to see each other at train shows. He has a train track right next to the shop which is really neat. His shop would fit the RV and has me thinking for the future…we fueled up in Missouri at Foristell TA truck stop. We used 97.8 gallons in the 700 miles. I paid $1.78 a gallon with my fleet card. I also topped off the DEF tank. I knew we were heading to higher tax states where diesel was a lot higher. Thankfully with a 150 gallon tank I could skip over these higher tax states.

Albion IL to Indianapolis, IN

After catching up with Robbie we headed to Indianapolis IN to stop for a few days to see my old USS Henry Clay shipmate, Bryan Cook and spend the 4th of July with him. Good way to rest up after 4 days of traveling. We did have an issue, somewhere along the back roads we lost our bikes, the entire bike rack broke off and we never noticed it until we got to the campground. WTH? No idea where but the last two hours was in a lot of traffic so if it happened then I am sure someone would have seen it and let us know about it.

the entire rack was gone, just the spare tire was left

Indianapolis, IN to Pittsburgh, PA

Our next stop was a week long stay in Pittsburgh to see friends from our 15 years we spent in town and to see Jonathan who recently moved to Pittsburgh. We got to see Jan and Carl and their kids and grandkids along with Tom and Diane and their Daughter Kristen and her daughter Ella. Both families had a hand in helping raise our kids and we love catching up with them. We got to see Jonathan’s rental house and talk with Fernando, a friend from VA who is his roommate in Pittsburgh. Sometimes it is a small world. We also got to catch up with some Navy shipmates from my work in Pittsburgh. Both Joe and John had us over for cookouts. It was a blast catching up and seeing both of them and their families.

along the way we filled up in Wheeling, WV at another TA. I filled up with 106 gallons, drove 702 miles and paid $1.95 a gallon. I knew PA and other north eastern states have a lot higher diesel costs so I wanted to top off.

Pittsburgh PA to Seneca Falls, NY

After a great week we headed to the finger lakes region of NY To see an old classmate of Cathy’s. It was great getting a tour of the area and see a few sights for just a quick stopover. Mark was a great host showing us around.

Seneca Falls, NY to North Berwick, ME

Our last leg was though NY, MA, NH to Maine. We did fuel up in NH which has low taxes and we put 110 gallons after 798 miles and I paid $1.85 a gallon and topped off DEF.

In Summary

So in summary, we drove a total of 3521 miles in 8 days of travel averaging 440 miles each segment. We filled up with 549 gallons of fuel and 18 gallons of DEF at a total cost of $1,099.00 dollars. We average a Fuel cost of 28 cents a mile and around 7.46 mpg. When we run the generator to have the extra AC out west that can lower the mileage to around 7.2 mpg. The average cost of diesel was $1.90 and DEF cost was about $3.00 a gallon. For each 3/4 tank of diesel used about 1/4 tank of DEF and I would fill DEF on every other fill up.

2 thoughts on “Cross country road trip

  1. Glad we got to spend time together and share a delicious ham dinner. Happy to hear about your journeys. Stay safe and God bless you real good. Our love to you and Cathy’s family.

  2. Hi Jon and Cathy! Enjoyed your western trip details. Sorry we were not out there at the same time! When you stopped in St Joseph, MO that was where both my parents grew up and I visited there many times as a child. It might interest you that my mother’s father was the Presbyterian minister there and Walter Cronkite’s family was in his congregation. My grandfather told my mother, “Keep an eye on young Walter, he is going places!”
    Safe travels to you both! Rick and Valerie

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