Cue the girls, entering stage right….

Cue the girls, entering stage right….

So our two wonderful Wesites have yet to see their new home.  Since we had to go pick up the RV and all the stress and logistics involved, Cathy’s sister Tina said she would board the girls up north in NH for about two months I think it ended up being.  They had a big yard to run around in, squirrels and chipmunks to chase and get some lovin while we were busy with the RV.  They are now home in NH with us so this holiday weekend they can spend some time in the RV and get used to it.  We also have close friends visiting from Pittsburgh who also wanted to see the RV so it has worked out great.

 IMG_6823 IMG_6821 IMG_6820Here are a few pictures of the Bus sitting in National Harbor

IMG_6841 IMG_6842 IMG_6843

2 thoughts on “Cue the girls, entering stage right….

  1. Looks like they settled in with no problem. They look like they are at home.Are the friends from Pittsburgh. Diane & Yom? If so tell them I said Hi! L&Ps Mom

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