After Vicksburg, we headed Southwest to south of Dallas at a Army Corps of Engineer campground on a lake near Ennis TX which is about 45 minutes south of Dallas.   The weather was cloudy and we had a few things to attend to. First up was a visit to the doc to check on Cathy’s hand.  At a Urgent Care center on our way to Texas, we found out she did break a bone in her hand in a fall in Florida.  He recommended a follow up with a ortho doc at our next stop.  That went uneventful, it is healing nice and nothing needs to be done to stabilize it.

So after getting the Doc visit out of the way, we had some time to visit Dallas.  I had been there before years ago for business and knew of a few things to see.  So we headed into town….

Our spot at the lake

First up was I wanted to stop at the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill.  I watch Gas Monkey Garage on Discovery and decided to check out the restaurant.  It had good ratings on Trip advisor so what the heck…

Gas Monkey Bar & Grill. From the TV show Gas Monkey Garage
Grilled Brisket and Cheese in an oil pan…
Cathy had the Burger


Nice Ginger Beer, not too sweet, slight fruit flavor

It was a grey and cold day so we did a drive around Dallas, looking at the city and headed back to camp, we planned to return when the weather was a little better….

Christmas decorations…

The next day we drove into Ennis to see the doc and went downtown, then off to a local BBQ Harris BBQ nearby, small shop with great folks that run the joint.  We walked through a local flea market, all the stuff we no longer need nor have room for…

Loaded Baked Potato, called a 35, meaning there are only 35 to a case, it was huge!
wonderful pepper rubbed brisket….


Ennis County Courthouse, what a neat looking building from the late 1800’s

The next day started out the nicest during the three day stay, so we decided to try Dallas again, it started out sunny at almost 70 degrees…

JFK Memorial and Old Courthouse
Old School Book Depository where JFK was shot from
Old Cabin in the park, tree’s are still turning here
Downtown skyline
Pioneer Plaza, Longhorn sculpture
Bronze Sculpture


Girls had fun walking around town, now it was time to eat…
Now that is what I call a smoker….
When there is a line out the door you know it must be good…
Waiting to order

While we were eating outdoors, it started to get much colder, temperatures were dropping and the wind picking up, se we headed out, stopping by Costco on the way to the RV  for some minor resupply on paper goods and such.   Once we got to the RV we ended up pulling in some of the bigger slides since the wind was picking up and the integrated slide awnings were flapping heavily.  When I got up in the AM, here is what we had….a drop from 70 degrees to 22 degrees overnight.  Time to pack up and head further south to Waco, Tx.


Off to the next adventure….



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