Even when “Glamping” you still need bug repellent

Even when “Glamping” you still need bug repellent

So in all reality we are not really camping, more like Glamping, a glamorous way of camping in a fully enclosed luxurious house on wheels.  That being said, what I have learned is the the bug and insects that would bother you when your were really camping outdoors in a tent, don’t really care that you have moved up to this “Glamping” mode.  They are still here, waiting to chew the crap out of you nerveless.  Last week it was something low to the ground as my ankles are itching like no tomorrow.  So, I need to do some serious shopping, most likely in a real store and have to interact with real people so I can stock up on DEET.  Actually products that contain DEET is more accurate.  Here are some pictures of our recent outing from Fort Belvoir and the nice RV campground along the Potomac River, just south from Mount Vernon.


Girls are getting used to the RV, making themselves right at homeIMG_6852 IMG_6855

Still figuring out the best place for the dog beds, here they are under our bedIMG_6858 IMG_6859

Sunset over the Potomac RiverIMG_6865 IMG_6867

Evening at the campground with friends, and the bugs….IMG_6868

Time to go shopping…


5 thoughts on “Even when “Glamping” you still need bug repellent

  1. If you want to avoid products with DEET, go with Avon Skin-So-Soft. They have some repellant wipes and spray. We also found something at Big-5, “All Terrain” herbal deet-free spray. You can also make natural repellants. I think mint might be a natural repellant. Certain herbs work for certain bugs. I googled it once but decided it was easier to buy it. In any case…always have a bite stick at the ready. Takes care of any itchy bug bites. I even have one in my commuter backpack. Hey, it’s BART. 🙂

    1. Reminds me of our first stop in King’s Bay, GA. The tiny midges were downright carnivorous. Somebody had mentioned that Skin-So-Soft worked but that the smell didn’t go so good in some of the redneck bars we frequented. It turns out that cutting the Skin-So-Soft with about 10% diesel oil gave both the repellent properties while disguising the softer side.

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