first week of deployment…

first week of deployment…

Well, we have been on the road for almost a week, we left DC on Tuesday morning, and drove to Norfolk, VA for 2 days, then drove down to Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Base near New Bern, NC for 2 day and then drove to the Naval Weapons Station north of Charleston, SC.  I figured I would post some pictures of the places and what we have done.  The girls (westies) went to the beach for the first time, acting all crazy, barking at the waves, sea gulls and all the new sights, the next trip was more laid back, they were playing more, less barking and just having fun.

So here are some of the pictures:

Driving the big rig
Cathy doing a puzzle while I drive and the girls relax
fuel stop with the big guys
about 1/2 take fill up, luck the cost of diesel is down…
Arriving in Norfolk, Navy doing some practice off the starboard bow
JEB Little Creek
Girls see the Ocean for the first time
Girls find another westie to play with
Virgina Beach
Steak Salad for Lunch
Dinner with Mike and Kristen
Our stop in Cherry Point, very nice open RV park at the Marine Corps Air Station. $25/nite, cannot beat that.
Church in New Bern, NC
Spanish Moss
Waterfront home
Now we know where Pepsi came from
Girls in Travel mode
Girls wanted to be in front, sitting with Mom.
Last stop was Naval Weapons Station in Goose Creek, SC
This retirement is tiring….

Monday we will head to Florida to take care of some important business and see family for Thanksgiving.  Stay tuned, much more to come…..


5 thoughts on “first week of deployment…

  1. Great pics, especially of Kristen and Michael. Thanks for the update. Is everything okay in Florida? It sounds like something is wrong.
    I continue to keep you in thought and prayers. Travel safely.

  2. Hi Jon & Cathy, haven’t had an opportunity to read all of the post as they came in. But I’m all caught up, sad that you guys are really gone, but happy for your adventures. I feel like I qualify as a junior electrician after the read out on the solar panels. Don’t forget the details on the install. Nice pics. Take more pics of Cathy. Take care & Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. It is really nice to have the recliner since my legs don’t reach the floor.
      The dogs love sitting on my legs to look out the window.

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