Fixing the most annoying thing…

Fixing the most annoying thing…

We have lived in our RV for over three years. And now I am going to tackle the most annoying thing in the RV? Can you guess what it is? It is a design decision made throughout the industry and you find it in the low end and higher end RV’s.

This “annoyance” requires frequent maintenance, is hard to clean and needs to be replaced periodically. You go to great lengths to try and protect it, but in the end, you fail and it must be replaced.

the answer is the damn carpeting used in the slides of most Motorhomes.

Yep, right there under the table, the bane of all Motorhomes…. we have a nice tile floor, but this is the industry standard to cover the floor of the slide that rides on top of the tile when the RV Is closed up.

More carpet under the couch/recliner area. And to top it off, right in the front of the kitchen and refrigerator, surly located to catch spills and everything that tumbled out of the refrigerator after a stint on the road.

So we did put some clear carpet protectors on it, looked tacky but helped keep it somewhat clean. As we all know no carpet is immune to stains….

So our solution is to replace it with thin vinyl flooring that locks together.

Carpet removed…
Measure twice, cut once…

I did glue it down to the slide covering including the black plastic front part. It seemed to work out fine, the key is it is pretty thin so it can flex and fit the slide that is not perfectly flat.

Under the couch carpeting…
You can see the rollers and the black plastic that transitions from the wood to the tile floor
Setting the vinyl strips

With this part coming out so good, it was time to tackle in front of the kitchen with all these cutouts…

I used a cutting knife and plenty of sharp blades to cut out the carpet from the end of the cabinets. I used poster board to make a template and slowly cut the vinyl to fit…

Very happy with the result, just had to go slow and keep test fitting as I went.

10 thoughts on “Fixing the most annoying thing…

  1. Wow! What an amazing fix. Looks like you did a fabulous job. Perhaps you should share your thoughts and solutions with the “industry “.
    Our love to you and Cathy.

  2. Nice!! John, you seem to be an expert on everything! Are you sure you didn’t use work for another organization?

    1. It was pretty easy, you want to use thin stuff. Talk to me before you do as I am learning a few things as we move the slides in and out. Still so much better than carpet! Hope to meet you during our travels.

  3. Hey Jon. Great tutorial on fixing the RV (complete with pictures). You must be a nuke or something like that. 🙂 Guess who?

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