full RV, empty townhouse

full RV, empty townhouse

Well, we have completed the crew move aboard this week, we have emptied out the Townhouse, the final load went into storage.  The cleaners come early next week to spiff up the place and we have a walk through with our tenants late next week.

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We are camped at Andrews Air Force Base in their campground.  We have a spot with full utilities and right next to the golf course (one of three, got to hand it to the Air Force, they must have plenty of time to play gold since they needed three of them).  We have been moving stuff around in the RV, switching stuff back and forth to try and find the best location.

inside1 inside2 inside3

Our site at Andrews:

site1 site2 site3 site4

We still need to go through stuff over the next several weeks to decide what to keep, what yo store and what to get rid of, but we have been staying in the RV for a week and so far, it has been working out just fine.  Cathy has turned in all of her stuff into work and is just closing out a few jobs over the next week.  I am starting turnover with my replacement next week and by end of the month that should be done.  I may take a quick trip to introduce him to some of the Navy leaders I work with, but need to look at timing and such.  More to come on that.

Final planning is done for the Trip out west that will take us from the middle of November until early February and we will end up in Joshua Tree to see family through the end of February.

7 thoughts on “full RV, empty townhouse

  1. Sounds good. It is great to have Sis here. Jill comes home on Tues. David and Cathy were here last Mon. He put a new toilet in my bathroom. They are coming back for Thanksgiving so I am starting a list.
    Hope you enjoy your new home. L&Ps Mom

  2. Looks great! Does your ottoman have a storage compartment in it? If it does, I am super jealous. We just got a regular wooden coffee table in ours. I would love to have something with actual storage.

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