Glacier national Park, Part 1

Glacier national Park, Part 1

Since we have a rain day today, I figured I would do a short post about Glacier National Park and make it a two part post.  We got into Columbia Falls. Montana a few days ago.  We are staying at Columbia Falls RV Park which is in town and about 15 miles from the entrance to the West side of Glacier National Park.  The Park is big and to drive around or through it is about 60 miles and will take you about two hours.  The west side is more developed with several nice towns such as Columbia Falls and Whitefish along with a bigger town of Kalispell, which has all the big box stores and a Costco to allow us to stock up before we head into Canada.  So here are some of the pictures from our first few days of driving around and in the park.

Famous motorcoach’s in front of the Lake McDonald Lodge on the west side

After visiting the Lake McDonald Lodge, we took the drive on the world famous Going-to-the-Sun road….

We ran into rain and sleet in the pass, it was 68 degrees in the valley and 40 degrees at Logan Pass

Looking back from the road towards the valley where we came from…

Logan Pass is in the notch to the right of the peak and were all the snow is…
Juvenile Black Bear eating along the road

On the east side before the clouds from the West blew in

Yes that is the road where the water is rushing underneath it in the tunnel…

We have just started our exploration of the area and plan on more trips through the park so stay tuned….and as I talked about before about this being a small world, we run into an old DC and Navy buddy who was vacationing from Idaho with his family, but I’ll cover that more in the next blog post.  Hope everyone has a great 4th of July, all I know I am glad not to be in the swamp like DC weather, it is wonderful here in Montana!

4 thoughts on “Glacier national Park, Part 1

  1. That looks spectacular! Are you going to Jasper and Canada’s Glacier? We camped for 3 nights in Canada’s Glacier beside a rushing glacial stream. No amenities in their Glacier park, tho….

  2. I am super jealous of your glorious Montana weather, but yeah, at least none of us are stuck in DC right now…..

    What a gorgeous park! Keep the pictures coming. I don’t know when we’re gonna get to see it for ourselves, but it is high on our list. Have a great time!

    1. So my advice is to come in later part of year like mid to late August, it is a busy park, very little parking and park is big. We have been running into crowds in July making it harder to see everything. Also, most hiking and sightseeing is on the east side, it is less developed by I would stay in that side for the majority of the time when I come back.

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