Glacier National Park, Pt. 2

Glacier National Park, Pt. 2

As promised, I would be breaking up our post into several parts to cover this very large National Park.   It has been really busy in the park during this 4th of July week, a lot of tourists, parking lots jammed by early morning, tons of folks on the hiking trails, and yes, I am not having as much fun with all this stress.  So today we decided to take a down day, work on the RV, cleaning, fixing a few things and overall trying to relax a little.  I decided to cover the last few days in a blog post, these are just from the last few days.  Ended up burning a full tank of gas in the Jeep driving over and around parts of the Park.  We are staying right now on the west side of the park and a vast majority of the sights are on the east side and either road to get from Columbia Falls to the West side is about a two hour trip one way.  So next time we are going to spend much more time on the East side….lesson learned.

We decided to explore the Southern and West side of the park, driving the main east/west route US 2, which goes along the southern border of the Park and connects East and West Glacier park. In the olden days the connection was via train which still runs today and later was connected by this roadway.  On the east side of the park is the famous Glacier Park Lodge built originally by the Great Northern Railroad.

We then headed a little north to Two Medicine Lake to take a small hike a few miles in to see some falls.  The hike was through a forest, along the marsh where we spotted a male moose and on the way back a female moose.  Once we ended our hike we ran into an old DC friend, Mike Huth who used to live nearby in Virginia and we car pooled several years together.  He ended up being asked to take a senior position at our Idaho facility.  He was vacationing at GNP, and knew we were in the area, but with the park being so big and spread out, didn’t think he would run into us.  Well, it is a small world at times and we both were at Two Medicine Lake at the same time. It was great catching up with Mike and his family.  I was planning to made Idaho Falls a stop on our travels the next time we were out west to see him, but it was great running into him now as luck would have it.

Just going t guess that this part gets windy at times
Male Moose

Another day we took the Going to the Sun road that splits the park into two, and headed from the eastern side a little north to the Many Glacier Hotel, another famous lodge right on Swiftcurrent lake.  First up is somw pictures of the Going to the Sun road in bright afternoon sun…

Logan pass sits in that notch, above the waterfall…
“Common Dad, let us out so we can chase something…”

After leaving the park you travel a few miles north and enter the Many Glacier entrance…

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. That is one National Park we still want to see. Maybe next August.
    Hope all is well. Take care.

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