Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

This is a hard post, how do you pick which pictures are worth posting, and how can pictures even come close to telling the story of a place where your eyes imprint in your brain pictures almost impossible to comprehend?  I’ll give it a try and let’s start at the beginning.  We are staying in the Grand Canyon at the Trailer Village.  The Grand Canyon has a great bus system to drive you around the visitor center, into the village where the hotels are and out to the different parts of the park, well in truth only about 12 or so miles around village center.  The RV park has full hook ups and runs a reasonable $51 a night.  For those who think that is pricy, go stay at the El Tovar Hotel which I think runs in the $400 a night range.  We spent a few days walking along the Rim, getting used to being at 6600 feet in elevation.  Then we decided to hike the South Kaibab Trail down to Cedar Ridge, a leaserly 1.5mile hike down 1200 feet from the Rim at around 7200 feet down to around 6000 feet (which is still like 4000 feet above the Colorado River, and no we are not hiking down that far, not unless there is a rescue helicopter waiting to bring us back up the 5000 feet…).  I did not take a picture of the puking hiker warning signs about being properly prepared (Laura, I’ll leave that one for you to take the picture of and write about, you are a better writer than I am).  Anyway, we had to travel 3.5 miles into town so I could get a decent cell signal and make up this post for you all.

Snow the day after we arrived, really, it is April by the way….

Tom and Diane Fleet should recognize this rock….
View of the Colorado River

On top of the Grand Canyon

This is the trail we took down to Cedar Ridge…

At Cedar Ridge, looking back to the top of the trail on the rim to give you a perspective of the 1200 foot elevation we have to go back up….60 minutes to get here downhill, but a good 90 minutes back up…

The switchbacks back and forth back up the cliff face….

Ok, I know this doesn’t even come close to covering what we have been doing.  Next up is Bright Angel Trail, some sunrise pictures if we ever get up early enough, a nice dinner at the El Tovar, and so good old fashioned sitting around and enjoying retirement.  If I can ever get our squatters out of our townhouse so we can sell it, life will be even better, but that’s another story altogether, but I’ll just summarize with: Renters suck and Pastor’s lie…

Next stop is Zion National Park…

3 thoughts on “Grand Canyon

  1. Oh come on! You had the opportunity to take a photo of a puking hiker sign and you didn’t do it? I’d kill for that kind of material!!! Missed opportunity John, that’s all I’m sayin. 🙂

    Anyway, your photos are fantastic and it sounds like you guys are definitely making the most of your time there. We, too, have delusions of waking up for sunrise at Bryce, but I give that about a 2% likelihood of success. Hopefully you guys will actually get it done at the Grand Canyon. I’m sure it will be spectacular!

    Anyway, I guess we will be seeing you soon! Safe travels.


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