Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park

We left Moab and headed to Salt Lake City to pick up Cathy’s sister, Tina, who was coming back from a business trip out west and was joining us for about a week.  We headed into Idaho, boondocked at a Walmart overnight before heading to the Grand Teton’s.  We had a reservation in the National Park at Colter Bay Campground, which was just a few miles from the main Jackson Lake Lodge.  Jackson Hole is about 40 miles away, a neat ski town were a lot of elites have ranches that cost in the millions.  Although we had cloudy weather for most of the week, the sights were breathtaking.

On our first day, we caught a glimpse of the famous Pilgrim Creek Grizzly Bear, #399 and her two yearlings

The rest of the week we did not see them until the day before we left, they were back…

The Episcopal Chapel of the Transfiguration was established by early settlers in the Valley and still has service in the summer, what a view From inside the chapel…

The morning I took Tina to the airport I was able to capture this sunrise hitting the mountains….

I woke up at 4:30 to get a sunrise shot of the Mouton Barn….one of my best pictures…

On our last day we were treated to clear blue ski with no wind, allowing these photo at Lake Jackson.

During our stay and while Tina was with us, we decided a day trip to Yellowstone was needed.  I’ll cover that in the next post.  Overall, Grand Teton was a great stop, Jackson was very nice, full of expensive stuff catering to the elites that live nearby, but has some great restaurants.  We did take a day to switch our cell phones to Verizon, the coverage by T-mobile is lacking out west.  Lucky for us, as Florida residents, Verizon has a competing 55+ plan and we have two phones for $80 and we even got to add the tablet for$20, bring the monthly total to around $100, where last year we were paying $165 for the same plan with Verizon before we switched to T-mobile.  Laura, I think I have reached my 300 word limit so on to the next post….


4 thoughts on “Grand Teton National Park

  1. Thank you for hosting me! I had a special time with you both and really enjoyed myself and the beautiful scenary! Love you both! Tina

  2. Look at you! All these words!!! I’m so proud!!!!

    I was just researching our options for Grand Tetons/Yellowstone last night. We’re looking at first come/first served campgrounds in the area. There are a couple options, but I would much rather have reservations. oh well. Guess we’re gonna live dangerously! The scenery is just gorgeous, and it looks a whole lot cooler than where we are right now, so it should be awesome. Great photos – especially of the barns and the view from the church!

  3. We loved Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons when we were there too. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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