Harrisonburg, VA, Part 1

Harrisonburg, VA, Part 1

Well, past due for an update.  We have spent the last month in Harrisonburg, VA, visiting a close Navy friend who has a farm a little south of Harrisonburg and spending time with our daughter and her husband who recently bought a house in downtown Harrisonburg.  We have spent the time visiting, working on my home improvement skills and all around having fun with family and friends.  That is the one thing that has really hit me over the past few months, is that with this lifestyle choice, we have been able to spend much more quality time with friends and family.  Over the years when working we get used to only seeing friends and family during fleeting moments during vacations and holidays.  Now, we can go champ nearby, see them in the evenings, during the weekends and end up spending more time than in the past.  It has really been fun getting caught up in a way we never had time before to do.

So here are a few pictures of Brad’s farm south of Harrisonburg.  What a peaceful spot we were able to use for the RV.  I was able to help get some work done around the property and we had fun just spending time together.

We were able to drive back into DC to attend a retirement of my old Boss which allowed me time to stop in and say hi to my fellow co-workers after a year since I retired.  It was great seeing all the folks and knowing that they were doing wonderful work as always, showing the organization is running just fine without me, which I knew it would.  Some dear friends Nick and Tina came out to dinner with us and also brought their RV down to spend the weekend with us which was a load of fun.  We did a little sight seeing…


We also spent time in Charlottesville, VA where our son Jonathan is working as an ER Nurse and going to UVA for his Masters Degree in Nursing.  I was able to see him play Ice Hockey in an adult league he is in and we all went to Monticello to see Thomas Jefferson’s hilltop farm.

Since this post is getting longer than I thought, I will end part 1 here and break it up.  More to come….





5 thoughts on “Harrisonburg, VA, Part 1

  1. What a beautiful place to stay! Looks like great weather and a lot of fun! Safe travels to your next spot. Keep an eye out in stores for Williams Bros BBQ sauce. Sorry, but you and Kevin spoiled me!!!! Love you both.

  2. Wish I knew you were close by – been so busy haven’t been tracking you but have had fun seeing posts from you and Cathy. Looks like you are enjoying a lot of time seeing the country and spending quality time with friends and family. Sorry I missed getting to see you guys. Would love to hear about your travels and catch up.

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