Harrisonburg, VA Workcamp

Harrisonburg, VA Workcamp

Since it was getting really hot in Houston, we decided to take a break and go see family on the east coast. First up was seeing our kids who both live in Virginia. Our daughter Erin lives in Harrisonberg, while Jonathan lives about an hour away in Charlottesville. There is a nice RV park north of Harrisonberg near the highway making the 20 minute trip into town real easy.

The main objective was to spend time but also completely redo Erin’s kitchen in her 1903 house. Here is the before pictures…

We settled on IKEA cabinets to fit the budget and we just had to make a two hour trip to go get them…

So Day 1 was remove everything….

Day 2 was remove cabinets, map out electrical and plumbing changes…

you can see added electrical boxes

Day 3 was starting to build cabinets and finish up electrical changes…we also decided to paint the walls first…Jonathan was a great help to Erin and Alex

I mapped out and roughed in the electrical changes
First Cabinet

Day 4 was getting the lower cabinets finished…

Day 5 was upper cabinets and plumbing rough in…along with adding all the cabinet faces and drawers…

So after one week we are on schedule and ready for new appliances and getting counter tops measured….It was great having friends and family helping out on the project we got in plenty of laughs and quality time together. Even the Cats and Dos were settling in…

I will provide the update once we get further along and show off the finished project.

3 thoughts on “Harrisonburg, VA Workcamp

  1. Kit redesign looks like fun. Wish I had my closet done. Can’t wait to see the final touches. Miss you guys! Would love to see you if you pass through the 1st State on your way to NH. Take Care

    1. We are heading out in a week to go to NH but will be back in the area on the 8-17th of September, we might try to get up to Gainsville to see folks maybe we can get together to say hi. Looks like the kids are doing great and hope all is well with you guys.

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