Helena & Bozeman Montana

Helena & Bozeman Montana

We decided to cut our stay in Great Falls short to taken in a short stop in Montana ‘s Capital of Helena, then do a quick stop in Bozeman.  We like the new series “Yellowstone” on the Paramount Network that is about a ranch family set in the Bozeman area.  I found us places to stay without disrupting our schedule too much and off we went.

First us was Helena, a surprisingly small town even though it is home to State Capital.  We stayed just out of town at the Linclon Road RV campground which was pretty nice with some grass for the dogs to enjoy.

We ran into town and headed to the main attractions, starting with the Capital building which looked to be right in the middle of a residential neighborhood.  The actual downtown area was a mile away.  The building is open 7 days a week and you can wander in and look around all you want.  No strip search or metal detector gymnastics needed.  It is a beautiful building that was constructed in 1902.

The next tallest building was the Helena Catherdial built around the same time with all the mining money.  It was inspired on a similar church in Austria I believe but it was locked up so we did not get to see all the stained glass windows it is supposedly famous for.

After that we headed downtown to wander around.  I have to say it was real quiet on a Sunday, very few folks were around and the entire downtown was small and not inspiring at all.  They closed part to make it a walking mall, but lot of business were closed, not that many restrauants as I expected.

On the Northern side of town the big box stores invaded the farm land to set up shop and it seemed to be much more hopping that downtown.  We did hit the Costco for a few things, spending less than $100 which is a rarity for us.

Overall, Helena was just OK, so we would most likely skip it if traveling that way again in the future.

With that we headed a few hours to the east to Bozeman, Montana.  Now Bozeman was much more different than Helena in many positive ways.  We stayed at the Bozeman Hot Springs campground, located right next to the Bozeman Hot Springs.  It was about $75 a night but you did have admission to the Hot Springs.  We decided to spend a few hours soaking in the warm water…a great way to start our stay.

We headed into downtown, if had a much nicer feel, nice shops, plenty of Restaraunt’s to check out, more lively feel to it.  We just got a small taste walking around and eating downtown and wish we had more time to visit all the shops we saw and trying more of the food.  We did eat at Roost, some of the best fried chicken I have had, highly recommended, and thanks for the tip, Eric.

Put as evidenced below, it looks like they get some decent size hail in the state…yikes!

They also have a fantastic museum that focused on some of the best dinasoar skeletons that have found throughout the state….

Some of the most complete T-Rex skeletons have been found in the state and some in other museums came from Montana.  This one was about 60% fossils and then they put it together with replica parts which are lighter in color.

They also had a small section about early Montana and native Americans

Outside they had a farmhouse from the late 1890’s with a garden using the same plant stock going back to that era, it was pretty neat to see and had many folks in period costumes doing typical chores using the tools available in that era.

Overall we only spent a few days in Bozeman, and we know we need to come back and spend much more time seeing this area more and enjoying all that it has to offer.  We also met another a Tiffin owner who was right across from us, Jean and Andy.  After meeting with them it seems like we have a lot in common, he works in IT and was at the factory watching his build and learning all the ins and outs of the technology used to make these motor homes.   They are full timing like we are, traveling around the US seeing all the sights.  I am sure we will run into them this winter in Florida.

We are now headed off to Sheridan, Wyoming for a few days of exploration in that neck of the woods…

Sometimes we get so busy, Layla puts herself to bed….

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