Houston and the future…

Houston and the future…

So we have been in the Houston area for about two months, Cathy has settled into her new/old job, working again for Closets by Design, but at a new franchise here in Houston. She is doing quite nicely, going out on design jobs 5 days a week. We have a plan to get back on track and rebuild our savings cushion. We think by this summer we should have got into a position to get back on the road and take some time off from work. Meanwhile we have got caught up on all the RV annual maintenance, serviced the Aqua Hot heater, serviced the Generator. It is nice to be at one spot to get all this work done.

Here are some of the work she has done..

We have also got signed up with local doctors, both got routine visits in, prescriptions filled, a few other tests done and a few scheduled. Having a set location for a few months has been great for getting caught up on medical needs.

While we were here, some dear friends from Pittsburgh, Jan and Carl stopped by for a few days to visit.

Great friends who our kids grew up with during our 15 years in the Pittsburgh area, it was really fun catching up will them. The stories of the past and present keep us quite entertained. All they need to do is get a small RV and come travel with us part time. I’ll do a separate post on the Johnson Space Center visit I did with Carl.

Speaking of medical, poor Phoebe torn the other knee ACL and had to have surgery on the other side. She now has both knees with surgically repaired joints with plates and screws, quite the bionic dog…

She is doing well and it is an 8 week recovery period.

We have also decided to update the tow vehicle. Our current one is a 2011 Jeep Wrangler 4 door which has about 82,000 miles on the odometer and about 100,000 miles with towed mileage added in. Since we have some time and income coming in from Cathy working, we decided now would be a good time to upgrade and get the new vehicle set up for towing. We will be upgrading to a 2019 Jeep Wrangler 4 door in the color they call Punk’n, an international orange color. The biggest difference is the Sky One Touch Roof, a soft moon roof that opens up past the second row of seats. This is the one item that pushed us over the edge to get a new one with this feature that came out late last year. We had the time to order the exact model we wanted and visit enough dealers to get the price down significantly under the dealer invoice price. Here are some pictures of what it will look like when it arrives most likely in early April.

Plans for the summer are as follows, leave here in July through September when it is supposed to be scorching hot and head east to see the kids and family. After that we are unsure of exactly what we are going to do, part of it will depend on Cathy’s work and do we want to come back and have her work a few months in the winter. We will decide that in a few months from now.

Take care, overall, things are going great, we still like the freedom of living in the RV and have more plans to start getting 2020 locked down, which I expect to be in the western part of the states. Moab is high on the priority list for sure…

5 thoughts on “Houston and the future…

  1. I think you are contractually obligated by Jeep to go to Moab if you buy a brand new bright orange Jeep! We were also just in Sedona which had incredible offroad trails. You guys are gonna have fun with that thing!
    When Kevin and I first started dating he had a Wrangler that I used to call “Mr. Potato Head” because all the pieces were removable. It was fun, but a pain in the butt to deal with. A roof that retracts at the touch of a button sounds awesome!

    Glad to hear you guys are doing well in Houston and are getting stuff done. It’s amazing how hard it is is to be productive on big projects when you’re moving every couple days Some downtime – especially near a big city – is hugely helpful.

    Keep us posted on your east coast plans. We’ll be heading that way soon.

  2. Sounds like things are coming along like the color of keep keep us posted when back east hopefully we can link up

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