HUMBUG State Park and RV Breakdown

HUMBUG State Park and RV Breakdown

Sometimes in the midst of all the beauty, you get thrown for a loop in your plans.  We enjoyed 5 nights at Humbug Mountain State park just south of Port Orford, OR.  The park had nice sites with real grass all around, a path to a private like, secluded beach with a river flowing into the ocean.  What a nice place, Port Orford is very small but had a few places to eat and a nice overlook of the Ocean.   It was a relaxing and enjoyable stay and a place I would go back to.  Cape Blanco lighthouse way nearby and made for a nice day trip.  here are some of the pictures.

We also did a day trip to Bandon, OR which also had a nearby lighthouse.  The town was very nice with plenty of places to eat and walk around.  The people were really friendly and we stopped by a local bike shop and looked at replacement bikes.  The owner was very nice and helped us get bikes similar to what we had, and we added some options to make riding even easier.  I bought some real heavy duty locks, spending about $350 to ensure no more stolen bikes in our future as long as we use the locks and take needed precautions.  So everything was going just fine.

Chain says that even large oversized bolt cutters will not work….no quick grab going to happen with this.

When we left Humbug and stopped in Bandon to pick up the bikes on Friday, that’s when Murphy’s Law kicked in.  I was turning a corner and felt a jolt in the rear of the motorhome.  I pulled over, and noticed the rear of the motorhome was sitting real low, and I could not get it into travel mode on the suspension.  Lucky there is a RV park right next to the Bicycle shop and we limped into a spot.  I was able to get a technician to stop on Friday late afternoon to take a look, and he found the ride height sensor bent causing the rear to dump air thinking it was too high. Once we sorted that out I was able to get the RV in travel mode but he noted that one of the rear shocks was leaking oil, meaning the shock was bad.  By that time it was too late to call Tiffin and see about a replacement.  We extended our stay and waited out the weekend exploring Bandom more, meeting more nice folks including another Tiffin owner who was a retired Master Chief CT.  On Monday I called tyhe factory and they shipped a replacement shock via overnight mail that arrived Tuesday.

Replacement Shock
Ride height sensor and shock from a factory picture they sent me

The Girls on watch as we work to repair the RV…Stay tuned….

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  1. You have some beautiful pictures there! I can’t believe the size of the boulders on the beach and the high cliffs and I especially like the deep dune pictures. Well you made lemonade out of lemons and got to explore maybe more than you would have otherwise. Love you guys! Tina

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