Hunkered down in Benson, Arizona

Hunkered down in Benson, Arizona

So long before the spread of the Wuhan Virus ( I refuse to play the game and call it the Covid19) we had planned to stay a month in Benson Arizona. It is about 40 minutes outside of Tucon. We are staying at Butterfield RV Resort which is really nice and about 1/2 the cost of a similar part in Florida. The monthly rate is around $500.

While here I am helping out Derek on his house build nearby. I was working with him on installation of plumbing lines as he is getting ready for his slab pour.

One of our favorite restaurants is right here and we are eating there twice a week up until the Wuhan Virus guidelines said to avoid restaurants.

As result of the virus, we have been taking total body chorine rinses every day….

Another was of social distancing is by going to do some off-road with neighbors who have a Polaris Razor which is a whole lot of fun.

So the girls turned 10 while we have been here and are still acting like kids…

So what are we doing with all these virus concerns…well Cathy has been doing puzzles and playing games, I have been reading a lot of books by Jay Allan and we have been watching shows on Netflix.

We just finished bing watching Altered Carbon on Netflix which is a solid SciFy series..

So what do I think about this virus?

And researching some new outfits…

And researching Toilet Paper options….

Ok, I think I have covered enough of what’s happening now. Our plans are to stay here until 3 April before we go to Joshua Tree California to check in on Mom and do a bathroom renovation….Stay tuned.

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