Initial Fulltiming Deployment Planning…

Initial Fulltiming Deployment Planning…

So we plan to leave DC once I retire on 15 November 2016 and head south.  So as a starting point we plan to be near my brother’s house in Jacksonville Florida for Thanksgiving as one port of call.  The end of the deployment will be at my Mom’s and Sister’s place in Joshua Tree, California by my birthday in mid February.  So what do we do in between, what port of calls do we want to make?  What do we want to see.  Recognizing we will not be able to immediately do everything we want and see everyone we want, we can not overstress about it.  Using guidance from the different Blog’s, travel seems to be in the 250-300 miles per day to give you time to get to a place in the early afternoon and set up and enjoy it before you jump back on the road to your next stop.  If you’re trying to get somewhere in a hurry, you would travel more and stop in an overnight spot and hit the road early.  I am hoping to just do this when needed.

So one other port of call is going to be the Tiffin Factory in Red Bay, Alabama as we work our way west to get needed warranty work completed. So to start the plan I added the must have stops to Google to get an overview of the trip…

main stops

Now we add in other stops to see friends and folks we have met online and such, now the trip starts to fill out a little bit more. Now you add in some intermediate stops as most folks recommend between 250-300 miles a day in travel, due to the stress in driving that big of a rig and towing the car to boot:



I then added these planned stops to a spreadsheet to show dates, starting and stopping points, miles between and can add any reservation information to it.


Now, I don’t know if I will keep up to this level of detail in the future, but I wanted to try to see some planning into routes and make sure we can see some of the sights along the way on our re positioning trip to the left coast.  I still have some work to do with it and will need to make sure folks can support the dates, but it is a start.  It gives me something to work with.  Now what locations do I need to lock in reservations or should I just wing it.  All of you who know me would say “hell no, he is never going to wing it”, he is too much of a ESTJ (this is a for an additional story int he future, but I am sure you can Google it to figure it out) to ever just go with the flow.  But being off season, I don’t think the demand will be so high that I need reservations for all of the trip.

More to follow, stay tuned….




9 thoughts on “Initial Fulltiming Deployment Planning…

  1. Sounds good. Some of our favorite times were unexpected places we found along the way..
    We tried to keep everyone up on our plans but it seems no one noted our plans on the calendar and there were lots of questions like “Do you know where Dad and Mom are?.” I hope to do better with your plans and don’t be too rigid. L&Ps Mom

  2. Lucky we have the Internet and Cell Phones with GPS so this should be a breeze compared to when you and dad did it back in the days of paper maps and paper guide books, in a RV with no slideouts…

  3. Two suggestions I have are the Grand Canyon and Meteor Crater in AZ. Grand Canyon is a couple hous off I-40 and worth a dayt here; if you haven’t seen it yet, it is well worth the effort. Another stop we liked was at Meteor Crater, just West/South of Winslow, AZ.

    1. Winslow, AZ….something about a flat bed ford and a corner seems to come to mind…may just have to stop and take a few pictures of that particular corner.

      1. I admit that song was running through my mind as I was typing. Some correlations are strong even after all these years.

  4. Definitely going to be an adventure. Build in flexibility for how many miles you find you can handle in a day over several days. Cathy’s and my cousin Marie and her husband, Charlie are RVing across the country. They just went from Tennessee to South Dakota. I bit much. But this is their second time doing it, so they might be able to offer some advice.

  5. Who needs reservations! You have your own house on wheels. Just find a Walmart to pull into. Looks like a fun adventure in the making.

  6. Hey it’s really shaping up, and I do know what ESTJ is…I am an ENTJ….LOL!
    So, when you stop in Waco, are you going to check out Magnolia Farms, the home of “The fixer upper” couple and TV show?
    Anyway, I am getting very excited for you and expect to see a “route” that brings you to NH next summer, maybe for Cathy’s birthday in May!

  7. Like most RVers, we don t get too fussy about the definitions. If someone thinks of themselves as fulltimers, that s okay with us. In our case, our only home is the RV. Like a turtle, our home goes with us. All of our possessions are stored on board in interior cabinets, exterior bays or our tow car.

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