Jeeping around Silverton, CO

Jeeping around Silverton, CO

One of the reasons to go to Silverton besides old steam trains was to do some jeeping around the different mountains in the Silverton area.  Years ago we took a Hummer Trip that toured us around the area so I knew when I got a jeep I would be back!  We also meet Tom and Melody while we were staying in Benson Az.  They live in Silverton during the summer and head to warmer weather in the winter.  They used to have a Jeep rental business and invited us to stop and see them once we got to Silverton and we would go out jeeping….  What a nice couple we had breakfast together and went over my plans.  It was nice having some local knowledge on hand.,  We really enjoyed their company and got to do a few trips together along with their prospecting buddy Tim.

First up was a tour of both Ophir Pass and Imogene Pass.  Ophir was really easy, well graded road with some narrow rock ledges, but nothing too difficult.  We headed into Telluride, CO to catch the road to Imogene Pass, this was a more difficult road with lot of loose rock and narrow parts, but it was a blast to drive and the view back towards Silverton was spectacular.


The next day Tom and Tim took me into an abandoned mine, looking at all the tracks, the mining trains and cars along with the workrooms used that were from hollowed out areas.  We took his razor, the road was up the side of mine tailings and quite rocky…but I don’t have any pictures to show you of this trip due to an issue with my phone….

The next day we took the Jeep with Tim and Melody’s Jeep up to the Buffalo Boy mine Tram house, which looks like a ski tram that would take the mined ore down to the Mill in the Valley below.  The mine was at 12,500 feet up the side of a mountain.  Right after we left Silverton, Cathy was leaning out the window taking a picture with my iPhone 8 since it has the better camera.  One jolt later, the phone fell and after I immediately stopped this was the result…

Looks like Jeep-1, iPhone-0….In the end, Melody was able to capture the trip and send us the pictures, but some of the recent pictures that had not made it into the cloud were lost including all the mine trip…

Next up was a trip to Animas Forks and up to Engineer Pass.  This will be the third Jeep Badge of Honor trails I have doe since Eric turned me on to this free program from Jeep.  This was a great trip to see the heights and the old mining town and mill sites.

Overall we had a blast in Silverton and want to go back in another year and spend a month in town, there are so many tails and history to explore and Tom and Melody were great host and we want to see them again.  But it was time to pack up and head to california, but with a stop at the Apple Store in Phoenix to get the iPhone fixed, which turned into a $430 replacement phone since it’s frame was bent…

In California, we will be staying in Joshua Tree near my mom’s house.  We are all going on a family cruise to celebrate my Mom’s 90th birthday, I think we have like 25 people going on the cruise including all 7 kids, grandkids and a few great grandkids…We will be here a Month before heading out to winter stops in Az, TX and FL.

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