Lake Oroville family time

Lake Oroville family time

So with my eldest brother in tow we headed to my other older brother David’s lake house at Lake Oroville, CA just an hour northeast of Sacramento.

We got to go on the lake in his pontoon boat and take in the 2nd largest lake in California.

We also looked at the rebuilt spillway from the last time we visited…

The deer love to visit the backyard..

We also took a nice hike near their house in the morning before it became blistering hot in the afternoon….

The girls are getting plenty of attention, David’s father in law came up to the lake and really enjoyed sitting with Layla and Phoebe …

As to our plans we head East shortly with stops in Indianapolis and Pittsburgh and plan to stay in Maine at Cathy’s brother Kevin’s house through September. Our sight seeing plans were basically trashed due to this whole Covid thing, states were shut down to RV travelers, a lot of uncertainty as to when things would open so we just decided to use 2020 as family time and to see friends if we could. Add in some sporadic rioting and 2020 has turned into a ball of uncertainty with an election thrown in. We have a river cruise in Germany set up for September that is in question but it will sort itself out by then and it is not looking good right now. So Maine till end of September, October in VA seeing Erin and then a stop in NC before we hit Saint Augustine in mid November till the end of the year is planned. Hopefully 2021 we can get back to our travels as UT, WY, MT, SD is calling….

3 thoughts on “Lake Oroville family time

  1. So much uncertainty, but it sounds like you guys have a pretty good plan and at least will stay in nice weather. Let’s all hope 2021 offers smoother sailing than this insane year. Safe travels on your cross country trip!

  2. The lake and deer pics look so relaxing and peaceful; I’m ready. Come and pick me up! Family time is the best time; you’ve definitely got the right plans in motion. Hope to see you in October. Until then, enjoy.

  3. Sad that a lot of the area around the lake was burned a few months after.
    We have since moved up to the lake and purchased another lot close by and awaiting delivery of a new Manufactured home around Thanksgiving.

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