Let the upgrades begin …

Let the upgrades begin …

Well now that we got the upgraded RV it was time to start doing some of the upgrades we did with the last RV that we thought we still need in this new to us one. The first choice was to install the Reverse Osmosis water system. This would allow us to fill the water tank with ultra pure water to use inside the coach. Since I did the already it was pretty straight forward process, involving ordering the system and parts needed and a trip to the local hardware store.

This install was pretty easy, I installed a booster pump to increase the inlet pressure to around 100 psi, and installed an on/off switch with it. You can see the results with 385 ppm coming in and 5 ppm going into the fresh water tank.

Next up was putting in an additional trey slide . The RV had two full width slides but the rear compartment on the passenger side was 5 feet deep so was asking for a trey side so I could put all my tools in one spot and use the extra height using the trey to make it easier to get to things once they are stacked up.

The wet bay where the sewer connections are is not quite as big so I would another place to store the sewer hose next to the slide out by using a length of vinyl rain gutter from Lowes.

We replaced the main TV with an upgraded LG OLED TV that had more inputs. Pretty straight forward swap onto the TV lift….

The passenger side wireless charger did not seem to work and Cathy would rather have a plug in to charge her phone while using it in the passenger seat. Very simple to do as the outlets are common on the internet.

Lastly was to install the exterior Magna Shades that really prevent heat build up by reflecting 90% of the UV light while allowing you to see out of them. They are held on by super strong magnets that you put on both the exterior of the glass in some spots and interior magnets in other spots. The shades have corresponding magnets installed in pockets on the shades. They are expensive but work really good, and I think worth every penny to keep the coach cool.

Well I think that covers the major stuff, we are still figuring out all the storage locations and what works best but overall we are both very happy with the RV and think this was a great upgrade and the right time for it. We are getting ready to start traveling again at the end of January with the first stop being the panhandle of Florida. We still have a few more things to add to the RV, but noting major. We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year and that 2022 turns out much better than 2021.

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