Lost Dutchman State Park

Lost Dutchman State Park

We moved from Catalina State Park towards the Phoenix area and into a nearby town of Apache Junction where there is an outstanding state park called Lost Dutchman right at the foot of the Superstition Mountains and you guessed it the location some say of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine.  This mountain rises out of the desert and is spectacular to see.

our parking spot
Front yard view
Moon and Mars
Sitting in our campsite


Hiking Trail
Trail from campground

Nearby is a old mining town called Goldfield

Church at old mining town nearby
Old mining town

We did grab a quick dinner at the Mammoth Saloon, not to bad, and the view was great at sundown…

Now the view changes quite a lot from sunset to sunrise …

Sunrise over the Mountain

With this as our backdrop, it was hard not to just sit and relax all day long….

Campfire at sunset

We did do two day trips, first was to drive the Apache Trail to Roosevelt Lake, 2/3 of the trip was on a dirt trail

Apache Lake
New take on the “short bus” turning it into a hot rod…

You can see the trail winding on the top of the ridge

Bridge at the end of the trail, Roosevelt Lake

Back to pavement and a long loop around the mountains on the way back.  We stopped at Saguaro Lake, which was very nice and jhad a large marina that had tours of the lake, which we decided to take a few days later….

Saguaro Lake tour was next up on our list….

moonrise in the late afternoon

So that was Lost Dutchman, way too much to see and do for the 6 days we were there, but the views were spectacular and the camera only shows 1/3 of what you see….

Time to move to Lake Havasu….




6 thoughts on “Lost Dutchman State Park

  1. Hi! It’s Tom and Diane. Thanks for all of the beautiful pics. Looks and sounds like you are having a great time. Take care.

  2. Beautiful, I have to admit your desert has is more beautiful than ours right now . We are north of you so ours will bloom later.
    Can hardly wait until Monday to see you . L&Ps Mom

  3. You two are doing it the right way and all of us “working people” love to see and read about your adventures, keep it coming! We are living vicariously through you now, so you have quite the responsibility. Love you guys. Tina

  4. I’ve been there and its even more beautiful than the pictures themselves! The girls look great and it looks like someone has grown a beard:). Enjoy and be safe. Hope all is well.

  5. Nice pictures! I like the Goldfield pictures. We live on Goldfield lane. Did you have many RVs by you. It looked like you had a lot of space around you.

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