Moab, a 4×4 adventure, Part 1

Moab, a 4×4 adventure, Part 1

We settled into Moab, Utah for a nice two week stay at one of the nicest resorts yet, Portal RV Resort.  The back section is privately owned and gets rented out when the owners are not using it.  It has a separate pool, hot tub, dog park from the normal campground side, it landscaped and nice huge cement pads for the RV and any toys you bring, which we saw a lot of.  We scored a great spot, right across from the pool and the dog park was just in front of the RV.  We are really enjoying the resort life…

Very nice Dog Park right in front of our RV

Saltwater Pool

But we also got to get the Jeep on some of the over 80 off road trails in the area.  There is so many trails I have an on roading book just for Moab, like the book I have that covers all of Az.  In my previous post on Canyonland, you saw two of the trails we did.  While here I was able to get some help from Eric to run Fins & Things, one of the Jeep Badge of Honor trails.  He has run it before and helped guide me on some of the more difficult parts.

Eric’s advice on step one…remove the doors to better see tire placement…

Eric helped guide me down the ledge

I would follow Eric’s line down the inclines and up the slopes.

Yep, we easily climbed up the rock….

Yep, that was a steep decent….

I also got to ride shotgun in his Jeep while he ran Poison Spyder, a much more difficult trail.  My Jeep needs a few more modifications before I would try and tackle it.  Eric got help from Heidi & Jeremy from Outlaw Jeep Adventures, they run a great Jeep rental business in Moab and really know the trails and were helpful showing Eric the right line some some really difficult parts of the trail.

Finally we did our own exploring on some of the easier trails, Hurrah Pass was one…

Top of Hurrah Pass

I decided we are having so much fun driving around Moab, to break the blog post into two parts.  Even though we were here two weeks, there is so much more to see and do in and around Moab, so we need to add it to out return list, maybe come back for a month.  So I aded it to our tentative 2020 plans which I am starting to scratch out on paper, I think we are going to spend it in AZ, NM, UT, and CO.  But the thoughts are just beginning, as I am still finalizing 2019 plans.  Stay tuned for Onion Pass, Corona Arch, and maybe a few other trails, not to mention Arches National Park, a whole post maybe by itself…

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  1. Great RV park, and amazing pictures! Those are some truly gnarly trails. My Rubi would be in full cardiac arrest approaching those trails. You’re lucky to have such an experienced friend to tag along.

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